Thursday, December 24, 2009

Who's In The Dog House ? Vintage 'Tails" About Pampering Your Pet

Doggie Condos

A few days before the first snow storm this season, I was out shopping for a dog house for my Sheltie, "Jacob". I of course brought "Jacob" along for his opinion on the matter.
I ruminated about what size to get, small, medium, large or extra large? I threw a dog biscuit inside each house to see how "Jacob" looked and acted inside the various sizes. You have to picture me on my knees with my head poked into the dog house, trying to see if "Jacob" would like his new doggie condo.

Pennsylvania Dutch Dog House

The very patient fella who took me around the outdoor "showroom", explained that these were very well made dog houses from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Shivering in my boots...I asked my salesman how the dog would keep warm in these houses that did not have doors or covered windows?

"Body heat he explained....the dog's body heat will do the trick". He also said not to buy a house that was too big.

Do Dogs Like Dog Houses?

We talked for awhile and i finally made my choice on which dog house would work for my precious "Jacob". But then just as I was ready to take out my credit card and buy this dog house.... my candid sales person shared the following with me: "you know he may never go inside dog wouldn't use his". Yep...that was enough to change my mind right then and there .....I was not about to smack down $129.00 dollars for the fun of it.

Advice From Doggie Shrinks

So on the way home, I stopped at my dog groomer (also a doggie shrink type) and asked her about dog houses. She said she had a plastic one (think the Little Tyke type) sitting out in the back which I could try.

So, I shlepped home the dog house, washed the outside and inside with detergent and put a nice warm blanket inside of it. A few days later it snowed and the blanket got wet. Several more days later, it snowed again and the house was buried in the snow.

I asked "Jacob" if he wanted me to shovel out his house and he said that he preferred to go inside with me and lay on the couch!

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