Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Celebrating a Nostalgic Holiday Using Vintage Christmas Cards and Gift Tags

Unpacking Vintage Holiday Cards and Tags

This is the time of the year that vintage shops unpack all of their holiday collectibles and decor and get them ready for display. While there are many different types of Christmas and holiday collectibles, one of my favorite categories is everyday vintage paper.

This article covers the paper goods that were used as note cards, wrapping paper, gift cards etc. Today folks are still enchanted with these
festive reminders of good cheer.

Older paper goods and notions with winter and Christmas themes are sought after by many. . Buyers look for vintage tags, gift wrap, cards, postcards, wall hangings, embellishments, paper ornaments etc. with clear, crisp colorful images. When you do find these popular collectibles, scoop them up because these treasures are in demand by collectors, crafters and others who enjoy mixing the old with the new.

Attaching Vintage Cards to Gifts

A friend of mine who owned a vintage inspired floral shop, attached old Christmas greeting cards to purchases made before the holidays. This was such a colorful and warm gesture.

Tags, greeting cards, ribbons, post cards can be easily found on on-line auctions and vintage sites. They are generally sold in small "lots" and are usually priced very fairly.

When you are buying "lots' on-line, be sure you know how many "older' cards you are getting.

Buying Vintage Cards in Lots

Often dealers mix in one or two early cards with a whole bunch of later holiday cards, so know what you are actually buying. Also review whether a tag or card has been used and shows earlier personalized greetings. On the other hand, if you are just after the image for scrap booking, collage or other craft projects, it may not matter to you if the vintage paper item has writing on the reverse side. Happy holiday hunting!

Photos shown are the courtesy of Pink Grape Fruit Style on Etsy.com http://www.etsy.com/shop/pinkgrapefruitstyle

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