Thursday, December 10, 2009

Junk Shopping at Canton, Connecticut's "Junk Shop"

Introducing "Junk Shop"

I must be in a "junk shopping" mood. Even with a morning snow creating mushy and icy roads, I still was out hunting in some of my favorite cluttered "junk boutiques.

A Junk Boutique

Yes, I am aware that I used the term "boutique". Hardly a term to pair with the word "junk. But obsessed collectors do indeed classify their junk shops into "below par", "usual bric-a-brac", "hit or miss" and "boutique". My definition of a boutique junk shop means that the owner could have called his or her shoppe "an antique and collectible's store" , but chose to go in the other direction and re-classify perfectly good finds as "junk".

Bargain Hunters Like Simple Surroundings

This to me is really a very clever marketing strategy. It's like shopping at those big box places that are housed in warehouse buildings with exposed pipes, ceilings and concrete floors. The customer is convinced that since there are minimal furnishings and decor, that surely the place offers bargains.

Shabby, Charming and Loaded With Stuff

Well this is what Eric, who owns "Junk Shop" on Route 44 in Canton, CT. is essentially doing. He owns an old building which some might refer to as bordering on charming but I would tell you to think of it as a dwelling that is "architecturally challenged". But if you can get past the ills of an aging building you will find a goldmine inside. .Eric is basically selling very terrific junk which others might call antiques and collectibles in another setting.

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasures

Don't get me wrong...Eric also carries "junk", but remember the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasures"! Eric has plenty of pottery, lighting, toys, chairs, architectural salvage, ephemera, kitchenwares, figurines, glassware, hardware, boxes, tables, shelves, tins, planters, artwork, decor and more.

His prices are fair and if you don't hassle him he usually offers discounts to "frequent junkers" (repeat customers).


The Junk Shop
Eric Hathaway
181 Albany Turnpike (Route 44)
Canton, CT.
(860) 693-6039

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