Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Antique Online On the Road at Brimfield: Opening Day

So Many Fields to Visit at Brimfield...

Today was a blast. As Editor of Iantiqueonline.com, I hit the road with Iantiqueonline.com founder Scott Liscomb and we spent the day in Brimfield. I haven't been to the fairgrounds in quite some time.

Returning to Brimfield

O.K., if truth be known, I have not been to Brimfield in years!
My Brimfield days got interrupted with other business interests and a growing family.
But today I was back and it was a ball.

My Engine Was Running

My engines were running as I was busily making the rounds meeting dealers and shoppers and telling them about Iantiqueonline.com, a new social network. As Editor, I was eager to take photos and listen to stories about what was hot and what was not.

It was great to back at the one of the world's most popular flea markets where people travel long distances to set up in acres and acres of busy markets. Not only did I meet vendors from all over the USA, but I met gals from "my own backyard".

Within minutes of arriving to Brimfield I bumped into the owners of some of my favorite shops, "The Bleu Willow" (Simsbury, Ct. and "Tickled Pink", Seymour, CT.

Don't you love to go shopping after Brimfield, when antique shops are loaded with fresh stuff!

The Sun was Shining Bright
Today, opening day was a gorgeous sunny, mild day. I know it makes sense to wear sneakers, but I have been searching for weeks to find "cool sneakers" and every pair I find looks "orthopedic. So I wore my trusted Merrell clogs. I am still in the market for sneakers and hope to find a pair by the time I return to Brimfield this Thursday. Thankfully the ground was nice and dry and
easy to walk on.

Colorful Iant
iqueonline.com Promo Pads
Scott and I came equipped with promo pads of Iantiqueonline.com. It was a pleasure to get this pads out of our cars because the "ink" smell was unbearable when the pads were hot off the press.

I couldn't decide on whether to go with neon yellow or neon green, so I told the printer to split the load. The neon green is more popular!
Who knew.....

We gave out our neon colored flyers to all who would listen to us boast about this fabulous social community.

Snapping Pictures of Brimfield Folks
Some folks were computer phobic...so we downplayed the "internet" thing. We seemed to accomplish much more if we snapped a photo of a dealer or buyer and told them they could check out Iantiqueonline.com to see their picture.

Introducing "Brimfielder's" to Social Networks
I still maintain that a lot of antique lovers are not necessarily social network lovers. But hopefully Scott and I convinced a fair amount of "cautious" Brimfield visitors to take a peek at Iantiqueonline.com.
I Like Kitchen-wares, Junk and Kitsch ...Scott Likes Good Stuff

This was my first time on the road with Scott at an antique event. It was clear to me today that we have very different interests. I love junk...and he goes for the good stuff.
I also like to find quirky things to take pictures of and Scott kept dragging me to look at bronze sculptures.
Smart People Buy or Bring Wagons

I simply am not after classic stuff. I am the dumpster diva. Show me a sculpture made out of oil cans and I am in my zone. I also like to photograph colorful people. Thankfully there were enough friendly gals and guys who posed for photos to counter- act some real paranoid types.

Heading for the Food Court

At noon, Scott and I headed for the food court, to meet up with Auction Wally, an Iantiqueonline.com member who moderates a popular group on Iantiqueonline.com. called Hammer Prices

Meet Auction Wally

He also is the host of his own radio show "The Auction Wally Show". While Scott and Wally grabbed lunch, I was passing out bright green flyers about Iantiqueonline.com to all the other shoppers and dealers breaking for lunch.
The Roast Beef Sandwich was Amazing
After Scott told me that the freshly roasted Roast Beef sandwich was amazing, I joined the guys for lunch. It was fun to finally meet a member who you know only in cyberspace.
Hopefully, when Scott and I return on Thursday we will meet more IAO members.

Afternoon Coffee Break at Herk's cafe (Near the Library)

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  1. Dianne,
    I envy you for not only being able to attend such a great event but you had lunch with one of my most favorite people, Walt Kolenda!