Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pia Sjolin Design: Bold and Colorful Designs and Palettes Influenced By Mid-Century Patterns and Sixites Palettes

Wow....meet Pia Sjolin , a designer from Sweden who has just opened a spectacular gallery in The Shops of the Farmington Valley in Canton, CT. Pia, an interior designer as well as textile, glass and mixed media artist is a master colorist as you will shortly see.

Influenced by Mid-Century Design Elements

Her designs and color combination bring together many elements associated with Mid-Century design as well as the bold and unique color combination of the "Mod" years of the sixties. Pia likes to use "leaves" and "geometrics" in her custom designed fabrics. These patterns while quite popular on bark-cloth designs of the 1950's. Her hand crafted glassware is also very much influenced by Mid-Century designs.

Flower Power Generati
on Palettes
In the sixties, bold flowers dominated apparel and accessories with designers such as Mary Quant leading the "Flower Power" generation.
While Pia's work is certainly influenced by the wild patterns and palettes of earlier generations, her contemporary interpretation of older looks is re-freshing and sophisticated attracting customers who like "Metro-Retro" style.

Urban Chic Paradise

While strolling thorugh Pia's enormous new gallery I wondered what antique and collectibles shop owners might learn from this Urban chic paradise.

First and foremost, I was taken away by the power of color. Look at how many unique
combinations Pia has created. Certainly the next time you are putting together a display in your shop or home, don't be afraid to mix colors together or to experiment with a background color which at first seems out of place. Play with your colors ,objects and textiles. Dare to be bold and whimsical.

Add a Surprise Color

Notice in the photos of Pia's textiles and glassware how she adds a surprise color to her vignettes. For example, in the top photo, dark blue glassware is added to the orange and green palette. In the second photos, a bright sky blue pillow is added to perk up the display. These surprises add interest and attract attention.

Your items for sale or display will "pop" as they say in the trade.

Goodbye Beige and Naturals

Say goodbye to beige, naturals, whites! Pia is here and her designs are spectacular!

P.S. Pia runs art workshops and exhibits monthly at her gallery. Info follows.
Pia Sjolin Design
The Shoppes at Farmington Valley860-693-4454
110 Albany Turnpike
Canton, Connecticut

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