Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"The Curious Room" Showcases Super Creative Folk Artists

Fish, Flowers and Fowl

Tis the season for fish, flowers and fowl especially as subjects for artists who dabble in the folk arts. I am always attracted to colorful, whimsical hand-painted paintings and objects and was delighted to discover several wonderful folk artists while on the road promoting Iantiqueonline.com.

While Brimfield is densely populated with antique and collectibles dealers, you can find a few artists here and there who bring along their artwork, oddities and playful attitudes. Case in point is Terrell Powell who along with other talented Texas artists has established http://www.curiousroom.com/ a website described as a place for "super creative souls" who display their work on online.

I was fortunate to see Terrell's work in person on display at Brimfield. He along with a clan of other "Curious Room" artists were busy painting behind the tent while visitors, like myself wandered in and out of his eye ctaching tent.
Using a Variety of Surfaces to Paint On

Terrell like others who enjoy folk art, are accustomed to using a variety of surfaces to paint on including old plywood boards, vintage boxes, doors, furniture and more. In fact one of the hallmarks of folk art is the selection of common objects used as supports.

In an online article on "The Crafts Movement of the Twentieth Century " the question is asked
"What is folk art ? ". (http://www.tramp-art.com/other_folk_art_classroom.htm) Here is an excerpt from the discussion:
"folk art" has been used describe objects that:
  • are decorated and handmade. The decorated objects often being "every day" household items such as clock cases, shelves, ditty boxes, furniture and other items of utility.
  • the decorations can be described as being "bold", "open", as having "strong design" and "uncomplicated meaning".
  • The materials used to fashion folk art items are often what is on hand or can be harvested, recycled or scrounged from the waste stream.
Often the makers of folk art objects:
  • are anonymous, untrained amateurs.
  • work within family and cultural traditions (ethnic, religious, national, occupational, fraternal, etc.) The craft becomes generational, passed from older to younger, a continuum of skill, practice and often design. This sentiment can be described as "traditional arts." The crafter works in a culture of like minded people.
As you can see in Terrell's work, there is a child like simplicity to his designs. But let's be honest....while this style may appear "primitive" or "simple" Terell (and his colleagues) are accomplished artists!

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