Friday, May 8, 2009

How Seymour, CT's "Tickled Pink" Displays Vintage Jewelry Using Antique Wallpaper and Old Painted Raise Panel Doors

Visiting "Tickled Pink"
I am obsessed with great jewelry displays. So here is another article about how to create inexpensive, colorful and useful fixtures and support for showcasing jewelry. I begin with my visit to Tickled Pink, a Cottage style inspired antique boutique in Seymour, Connecticut. Hilary, the owner of this whimsical vintage shop is the diva of displays.

Let me share with you two of Hilary’s fabulous jewelry displays. While Hilary sells both new and old jewelry, the display I am about tell you about can easily work for antique and vintage earrings.

Attaching Earrings to Vintage Wallpaper

On one wall of "Tickled Pink" a pastel colored light and airy shop Hilary has created a huge shadow box framed wall mount with a pink backboard to serve as an open display case for earrings. Hillary's earrings are attached to cute squares of what appears to be floral vintage wallpaper or perhaps vintage style paper (not quite sure) and then pinned to the framed wall mount.

Displays That Pass as Wall Art

Hilary’s funky antique wallpaper display is so attractive it can be considered art all by itself. Vintage wallpaper is easy to find if you know where to look. Try or visit on-line auctions.

How to Transform an Old Door into A Necklace Display
But Hilary’s ingenuity doesn’t stop with wallpaper, she also knows how to transform an old door into a fabulous necklace display. Painting a old raised panel door a great cottage green color, Hilary then hangs nails to the door surface to hang necklaces on.

White Backgrounds Help "Pop" the Jewelry
To help the jewelry “pop”, a insert of white paper is added to the indentations of the door. Ornaments and other accessories are added to the door display to create a more feminine look. Doors can easily be found in salvage shops. Yesterday, I spotted a wonderful door tucked away behind a garbage bin. It was being discarded and I considered picking it up....but I didn’t need a door this week. Believe me, it was hard to pass by this door yesterday!

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