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Vintage Vogart Pillows & Patterns Charm Collectors

Vogart pillows and patterns are very desirable, and these 30s and 40s collectibles create a big buzz in antique shops, at shows and on-line. The pillows have preprinted designs that are filled in with soft or pastel-colored dyes ready for homemakers to complete with hand stitches. Typically the pillows can be found with graphics of adorable puppies, cats and children with big endearing eyes and busy at play.

Vogart not only made pillow patterns, but it was also known for its popular embroidery patterns for kitchen towels, bibs, aprons and other home textiles. The familiar days of the week dish towels featuring little kitty cats or puppies engaged in household tasks such as ironing, laundry or washing dishes, were popular Vogart products.

Other Vogart patterns might include Mexican or Dutch motifs, nursery rhymes, or kitchen themes such as teapots.
In the 1930s The Vogart Needlecraft Company produced catalogs advertising Vogart Needlework Novelties. During the colorful era (1930s -1940s), Vogart patterns were dime store items sold at F.W. Woolworth Co. and later at other similar stores. Today these delightful pillows average $30-45. Unusual images sell for almost twice that and even more. Recently, I watched numerous bidders compete for a 1930s sailor theme pillow. I too jumped into the action, but the bids kept soaring and I eventually gave up.
It is always a bonus to find pillows with vintage trim such as fringes or pom poms. Expect to pay more for larger pillows or pillows with decorative trim.

When buying vintage textiles, the ideal situation is to be able to handle these goods up close in person. Whether you find Vogart items in brick and mortar shops or elsewhere, I would like to offer some practical advice to help you acquire these adorable pillows and patterns.

Pillows should be free of stains and generally intact, although I don't mind a little edge mending in an otherwise fine pillow. Be sure the color tints on the pillow are crisp and not faded. It is totally acceptable to buy just the pillow cover and to purchase a replacement pillow at your neighborhood sewing or department store.

While many people hunt for the finished product such as a pillow, bib, towel, etc., others are happy to buy just the patterns. It is worth noting that Vogart patterns are being reproduced and sold as "original" reprints of the old patterns.

Be careful.... unless you are looking for the pattern for home use only and do not care if the pattern is a true original, make sure you know what you are buying.

Vogart pillows look darling in room settings decorated in cottage or retro styles. They also are delightful in baby's nursery and children's rooms

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