Monday, April 6, 2009

Go Green with Funky Flower Power Vintage Plastic Totes

Go Green with Vintage Plastic Totes

As everyone is going “green” and carrying re-usable shopping bags to the grocery store, I was wondering how cool it might be to show up at the supermarket with a funky flower power plastic tote from the sixties? Gosh.....vintage is so in right now. These mod vinyl bags are relatively cheap, so you could actually buy an assortment of bags and try out different patterns on different days.

Retro Style is Hot Even in Shopping and Beach Bags

During a recent visit to The Old Carriage Shop Antiques Center in Bantam, CT a haven for vintage clothing and jewelry I spotted one booth with a rack full of these sixties gems. Bright florals, paisleys and polka dots seemed to be the major themes of these colorful plastic shopping bags. Some bags had matching straps and other totes were fitted with a hard plastic handle.

I found a variety of sizes and styles offered for sale at around fifteen dollars. I was surprised to find these bags in really good shape. They just don't make shopping totes like they used too!

These Bags are the Real Deal...Not Reproductions

And even though you can find similar bags being reproduced and being sold as retro style vinyl bags...I can assure you..these treasures were the real deal.

Miami Beach Here We Come

Seeing these mod totes reminded me of how my grandma Esther Esther would schlep these plastic beach bags to Miami Beach during the 60’s. I have to laugh when I see the “twenty-something” crowd flocking to some of the same hotels and motels grandma stayed in back in the day. In fact many of these hotels were re-done and now make up the South Beach area where the Martini crowd has moved in and the Bingo Ladies are long gone.

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