Friday, April 24, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation: Visiting Surburban Renewal an Antique Shop in Hastings- on- Hudson, New York

This is a story about the theory of six degrees of separation the belief that everyone in the world is separated by everyone else by six links. Read my tale and see what you think.
So listen to this story. I am headed out the door one recent Saturday for a day trip to Westchester County, New York. Before leaving for the day, I am poking around on the internet to find some antique shops to visit.
I scan the list of several dozen shops covering many towns along the Hudson River and I settle on a shop called “ Suburban Renewal” in Hastings- on- Hudson. This shop sounds like my kind of place. Anyone who names an antique store “Suburban Renewal has to be cool in my book. I don’t remember ever visiting this area before.
The rest of the family is waiting for me in the kitchen and I am planning my antique road trip starting with a call to this one shop that caught my attention. The gal who answered the phone, the owner, “Fonda” was so nice and helpful promising me that she would send me to some of her favorite places nearby. She asked me to announce myself when I arrived to her shop. “Sounds like a plan “, I told her ...and the family was off to Hastings- on- Hudson.
Ninety minutes later I walk into “Suburban Renewal” and I am strolling towards the register to introduce myself to “Fonda” . I took one look at “Fonda” and gave out a scream.....”Fonda , is that you, Fonda from High School?” It was “Fonda”, with the same blunt Sassoon haircut she wore back in 1969, the same black eye liner and the same “Fonda” who had a very distinct lively and adorable handwriting with lots of curly letters and cute formations.
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You knew she was headed for a career in the arts.
After a busy life In advertising in New York City, Fonda now lives in Hastings on the Hudson and owns “Suburban Renewal”, an antique shop packed with goodies.

Surburban Renew is at 1 Main Street, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York (914) 478-9421

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