Friday, April 24, 2009

Kitchen Makeovers Using Vintage Tables and Chairs

It seems that everyone I talk to these days is focused on kitchen makeovers. Some folks have older kitchens that they want to preserve but “fresh-up” while others have newer kitchens that they want to keep but “warm up” with antiques and collectibles.

In either case, selecting vintage kitchen furnishings may solve your decorating blues without too much expense or hassle.

Using original vintage tables and chairs from earlier generations or transforming existing furniture is very popular today. There are many different styles you can choose from such as "cottage", "retro", "country" "Bohemian" and more.

Whether you fall in love with a quirky painted table, a re-purposed cottage style table, a Formica top retro table, a forties enamel top table or a distressed wooden farm table, all of these looks can bring warmth and creativity back into the kitchen.

Many home owners are discovering that buying "vintage" is paying off and can often be a terrific alternative to purchasing higher priced newer manufactured table and chairs.
So where can you find these wonderful relics of past generations? If you want painted cottage style tables, there are numerous antique dealers who have on-line stores that feature older tables which have been repainted in white or pastel cottage colors. In fact there is a "cottage industry "of cottage themed shops.

In my book "Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes" you will find many dealers who specialize in cottage style furniture. Also visit and check out the exciting "Vintage Cottage Group" you will find listed as well as many other resource groups on furnishings, retro and salvage you will discover at this new and exciting website community.

Farm tables will show up in the antique shops in "the country" and off the beaten path. Many of the dealers listed on my website links page are also fine sources for "country".

Perhaps you already own a very functional kitchen table that you acquired a long time ago and now you are tired of it. Or suppose you inherited a family member's table years ago and now you wonder if it still "matches" your new kitchen. Wait, don't call your neighborhood thrift shop just yet..."shabby-tize it! "

In other words, change the character of your current kitchen table and chairs by changing the color, stain, fabric or even style. For example, brighten up a dark table and chairs by painting it white or another light color. Another idea is to consider keeping your original table but adding interesting vintage chairs. Mixing and matching periods is very "in" right now. Or make adjustments to the style of chairs by replacing the seat cushions or seat covers with updated fabrics. Even vintage chairs can look amazingly "modern" or "Urban Chic" with a funky geometric patterned fabric used on the seat cover.

If you have a large family and require a lot of seating than you may find that an oversized Farm table is just what your room needs. Add some old Country style benches with comfortable cushions to match your color scheme and you are on our way to warming up your kitchen.

Another great way to bring charm into today's "contemporary" kitchens is to accessorize your kitchen with a unique piece of vintage furniture such as an old Hoosier cabinet. which was used as a baking cupboard in the early 1900's

Photo Credits:
Farm table and chairs from the collection of Ed Friedman who designs and builds his own furniture from reclaimed wood.

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