Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Antique Silver Care And Restoration Group Forum Featured On I Antique Online.com

Jeffrey Herman, Nationally Recognized Silver Expert Moderates Group Forum On I Antique Online. com 

I wanted to tell my readers about a great resource for care and restoration of antique and collectible silver on my site I Antique Online.com. We are delighted to have Jeffrey Herman , silversmith of Warwick Rhode Island, a nationally recognized expert and craftsmen on silver restoration and conservaton moderating a terrific group on this subject. Jeffrey covers discussions on the care, restoration and conservation of silver holloware, faltware and jewelry.

This group forum is free and you can visit the group by clicking on this link: http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/group/caring-for-silver

Here are some of the topics you  will find in our silver group on I Antique Online.com

Restoration of Georg Jensen Tankard

Started by Jeffrey Herman Apr 10, 2013.

Restoration of Sterling Ball, Black & Co. Coffeepot

Started by Jeffrey Herman Jan 21, 2013.

New Silver Polish Abrasion Ratings Guide!

Started by Jeffrey Herman Sep 18, 2012.

Repair of Cast Iron Match Safe 2 Replies

Started by Jeffrey Herman. Last reply by Jeffrey Herman Jul 14, 2012.

Don't Buy This Product!

Started by Jeffrey Herman Feb 3, 2012.

Precious Metal Fraud

Started by Jeffrey Herman Nov 28, 2011.

Buyers of Chinese "Sterling" Beware!

Started by Jeffrey Herman Nov 25, 2011.

Dangerous & Destructive Chemical Dips

Started by Jeffrey Herman Nov 23, 2011.

Keep Silver out of the Dishwasher!

Started by Jeffrey Herman Nov 22, 2011.

Candles and Weighted Silver

Started by Jeffrey Herman Nov 22, 2011.

Don't Trust all Silver Polishing Videos!

Started by Jeffrey Herman Nov 21, 2011.

Removing Dried Polish

Started by Jeffrey Herman Nov 21, 2011.

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