Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Should You Take Freebies From A Friend's Loved One's Estate?

Addicted To Rummaging Through Boxes at Estate Liquidations

This weekend I relapsed and agreed to rummage through the contents of a large box of STUFF my friends brought back from a family member's Florida estate. This relative traveled all over the world and liked to collect things from every country she visited.  The "box" was in my friend's  basement with my name scribbled on it "FOR
DIANNE". My first feelings and thoughts upon seeing "the box" was a mixture of nervous anticipation and  s u s p i c i o n. Why is there a huge box with my name on it? O.K.....they got my number...they knew that I could not pass up a possible "mother load". But what exactly was in this box, I wondered to myself?

Unwrapping The Contents of Famile Estates

I peaked into the box and saw that everything was wrapped
very carefully in heavy mover paper. Perhaps there really is something worthwhile in "the  box"... at least I was hoping. So I started to unwrap a few items at the top of the box and decided that it would be far better to wait until I got home to do a more careful unwrapping job. The box was very large and very heavy, so I figured that the "good stuff" must be in the middle or towards the bottom of the box.

Is The Good Stuff Packed Into The Middle or Bottom Of The Box ?

Stay with me.....because the box was large and heavy and  I was delighted when my friend offered to ask his son to put this HEAVY BOX into my car. While opening my car trunk, my friend said...oh there are two bags in the garage you should also take. Sure I said, throw the bags in the trunk.

Stop The Blog: The Suspense Is Just Too Much

I got home and in freezing cold weather (in the dark), I started to poke through the bags and "THE BOX".  S T O P  T H E   B L O G

Readers tell me what you think was in the box and the bags........also have you ever been invited to take home freebies from a friend's family member's estate? What were your experiences?

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  1. Wow! How exciting and curious - I would be thrilled if I were given a box of mystery delights. We don't really have estate sales in the same way, but I think it might be the same as a house clearance here in the UK. I think there is going to be some fab vintage kitchenalia and I can't wait to see what you get!


  2. you're not telling us today?
    I haven't had that experience but I can imagine it might be awkward. Wait, one time, an aunt who had two sons gave me jewelery when she cleaned out her jewelery box. Costume jewelery and I was thrilled.

  3. Oh Yes! It is what your friend wants you to have! Can't Wait to read what was inside!!!

  4. How exciting! Are you going to show us? I would be the same way, taking everything out, no matter how long it took!!! Can't wait to see what all you got! Your friend definetly knows you! Have fun!

  5. After I re-read this post, I thought my title may imply another issue that often comes up with estates and that is being sensitive to someone's loss. But in my humorous post what I am getting at is the other side of the matter.....dealing with what is "left" when friends (and relatives) offer you stuff. I'm interested in hearing from you....have you been in this situation where you don't know what is behind door number 1?

  6. Are you kidding? My relatives are so tight they would make me pay for hauling their junk away!!!

  7. Mable you made my day. LOL I can totally relate!

  8. my experience only...but its usually the stuff they could not sell at the garage or estate sale and just "hate" to throw it away!!!! lol

  9. my experience only....its all the "treasures" they could not sell and the estate or garage sale and did not have the inclination to throw it away!

  10. Mable is right! My family makes the loved ones "buy" what they want from the estates first and then sell the rest! What a hoot!!!

  11. I had a friend show up with a giant black trash bag which I agreed to accept though I insisted on giving him something once I went through it. Then he said "How about a wedding dress?" and took a bridal dress box out of the trunk - it held the dress, veil, shoes and gloves his mom wore in 1956! "Here's a quilt" came next! The bag held handmade baby quilts and baby clothes from the 60's and 70s. He had threatened to throw it all away if I didn't accept it!