Friday, September 6, 2013

You Never Want A "Loose Kugel."...Especially On Rosh Hashana

The Art Of Baking A Sweet Rosh Hashana Noodle Pudding  

I was telling a friend of a different faith, what foods are traditional for the Jewish New Year, when she remembered actually once before eating a "Kugel" at of all places, her son's school Soccer game. Curious about what kind of "Kugel" she ate, I asked her to tell me more about  her Soccer Kugel experience and together we concluded that she sampled  a dairy Noodle Kugel.

A Kugel Is Like Lasagna ....Sort Of

She remembered thinking that a Kugel was like a Lasagna, sort of... no tomato sauce of course, but noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, sugar etc.  She also remembered that the Kugel she enjoyed very much had pineapples as well.

Sweet Lokshen Kugel

"Yes", I told her pineapples, raisens and even apples are often added to Kugels. I pointed out that there are Noodle Kugels and Potato Kugels.  In families that observe Kosher practices (do not mix dairy with meat) , Kugels can be made dairy or Pareve (no dairy). Another gal who was listening in on our Kugel talk, wanted to clarify whether the Kugel was a pudding or a cake. Kugels, are an Ashkenazic-style noodle and cheese dish I told the girls.

After baking this sweet side dish, (or dessert)  you always hope for a firm Kugel which you can cut into nice squares to serve, I emphasized.  Baking a Kugel is an art that can not be rushed.  One of the gals listened intently and  then cracked us up with her response.....
so in other words you do not want a
"loose Kugel".

No, never want a loose Kugel!

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  1. I grew up outside New Haven, CT. and the diversity of foods available was something I took for granted. When I moved to Maine over 36 years ago I was in shock to find no Jewish delicatessens and no real, fancy bakeries. No neopolitans, no canolies, no baba rums. Bakeries here sell donuts, pies, cakes, things you can make at home.
    My late mother in law searched for a sweet kugel recipe for years. Would you consider sharing? It looks yummy.

    1. Suzie Q ,the link to the recipe is at the bottom of the article, thanks for yur comment.