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Collecting Vintage Crayon Boxes Isn't Just Child's Play: Meet Ed Welter

Time For A New Box Of Vintage Crayons

I guess it is back to school and Im thinking about the days when I would convince my mother that I needed a NEW box of Crayola crayons. There was nothing like starting off a school year with  "fresh"  crayons. In school I had a small box of crayons, but at home, I of course had my box of 64 Crayola crayons. Even today it is hard for me to pass by a box of new 64 crayons and not want to put those babes in my shopping cart.

 Lots of Crayon Boxes To Collect


Introducing Crayon

Collecting crayons is not just child's play.  There are many serious collectors out there who have dedicated many hours to researching the crayon industry and archiving valuable  photographs, articles and advertising materials. A fabulous website for you to visit is Crayon  run by Master crayon collector, Ed Welter. Divided into sections called "Crayola", "Companies", "Articles" you will find everything imaginable about crayons on this website.

History of Waxed Crayons in American Began in 1880s

According to Ed the wax crayon started in Europe and was first manufactured in the United States in the 1880s. The wax crayon became important in the US at the same time as the Kindergarten movement and the expansion of creative programs in school.

Ed Has Thousands Of Collectible Crayon Boxes 

Ed Welter has 3,000 different crayon boxes in his collection. There are many brands besides Crayola (Binney and Smith)  to collect. As you begin your search,  you will find such manufacturers as E. Steiger & Co., Offenheim & Ziffer, Franklin, Standard, Prang, Dixon, Milton Bradley, American Crayon, Eagle Pencil, Munsell

Crayons come in paper boxes, wooden boxes, tins and canisters. Look for interesting graphics and unusal packaging.

Prices For Vintage Crayon Boxes

Prices for vintage crayon boxes vary according to rarity, conditon and age. You will be able to collect lots of crayon boxes (with crayons) from $8.00-18.00. But be prepared to see unusal varieties sell for
$25.00-45.00 and upwards. Crayons are also crossover collectibles. For example Disney related crayon box themes may also be of importance to Disney collectors and  fetch considerable more money. Or a crayon box associated with an importnt event or character can be of interest to many.

Visit  Crayon

You might enjoy joining the Crayon Collector's Club 

Be sure to visit Kelley Street Vintage, she often sells vintage crayon boxes.

Photo images courtesy of Crayon 

Readers, tell us about your Crayon days!
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