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Where To Find Vintage Men's Clothing: Look In Your Closet

Trends In Collecting Men's Clothing 2013:  What's Influencing Buyers ?

Arrow Vintage 60s Plaid ShirtI just read a press release by Melissa Sands of Vintage Promotions  which discusses the 2013 buying trends in the antiques and collectibles biz. Vintage Promotions produces Vintage Garage Chicago and the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show.

Downton Abby Influencing Buying Trends 

According to Melissa, one of the popular collectibles people are now after is men's clothing. Melissa says that folks are watching shows like Mad Men, Downton Abbey and  Boardwalk Empire  and as a result of the popularity of these shows, men's vintage clothing is hotter than ever. Melissa also said that apparently men's vintage clothing is getting harder to find.

Who Exactly Is Buying Men's Vintage Clothing?

Photo Print Vintage Hawaiian ShirtI thought about Melissa's  press release which states that men's clothing is scarce and getting expensive when you do find it.  Who exactly are the buyers of men's "vintage" clothing....are they chaps inspired by the T.V.  shows or T.V. prop types?  I must confess before I continue, that vintage clothing is not an area that I deal in so I am leaving it up to my readers to weigh in here. Do you agree with vintage men's clothing flying out the door?

70s Brioso Disco Vintage ShirtWhat Is Your Hubby Wearing......Is It Vintage?

Now, lets get real, a lot of men already live in a VINTAGE world.  How many of my followers are married to men who  always dressed in clothes from yesteryear?

Retro, Vintage, Mod: Look In Your Closet

These types just have to open their closet and they can show you  RETRO sweaters, ties, shirts. And BTW, they did not recently acquire any of these items.....the clothes have been in their closet since the decade they bought them. I venture to say that in plenty of men's closets you will even find clothes from their own father's and sibs.

Now you know why the vintage men's clothes are getting hard to find. It is because the men are still wearing these dated costumes. If you want to know where to get your hands on some good old stuff....look in your house...the goods are aging as we speak.

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