Friday, January 11, 2013

Downton Kitsch Cafe: A Tea Parlour For Downton Abbey Fans

Hooked On Downton Abbey...
          So I Want To Open A Tea Parlour

O.K. I'm hooked on "Downton Abbey" on PBS. I'm so preoccupied with the show that it has rejuvenated my not so secret desire to open a tea parlour.

Shelley bone china - English

The Brits had it so right...taking tea and nibbling on petite desserts, a lovely way to relax and slow down. We all seem to move so quickly, it is a blessing to be able to take the time and share a cup of tea with someone you you enjoy to have conversation with.

Kitsch n Tea

VINTAGE VICTORIAN ALICE IN WONDERLAND CANVAS ART - MAD HATTER TEA PARTYAt times  I have envisioned a whimsical tea cafe decorated in a Mad Hatter style with everything mismatched and very colorful.  The shelves on the wall would be funky, the tables hand painted in playful designs, the serving pieces random and retro.

Kooky And Delightful Tea Time

Kooky and delightful was my imagined fantasy tea house.  I could name the place "Kitsch n Tea". Oooh...I still like the concept despite my present addiction to Downton Abbey

Downton Kitsch Cafe

Downton Abby - a sprawling, lavish Edwardian mansion and park nestled in the lush North Yorkshire landscape - needs an heir. After a tragedy at sea claims the life of the presumed heir, Lord Grantham is faced with the possibility that the house he's loved his whole life might someday belong to a distant cousin he's never met
I seem to  have a bloooming interest however in developing an English style tea cafe which might  resemble the interior of Downtown Abbey, the English castle that the Masterpiece drama takes place in.  Perhaps I might call the place "Downton Kitsch Cafe".

Shopping For Tea Antiques

Of course if I was serious about opening a fancy tea room,  I would need to go out antiquing for proper tea room basics which I really do not own at this time.  And lets not forget the staffing I would need.  I wonder if I could find few available footmen to help me in the tea room while I'm out antiquing?

Fancy Schmancy Tea Collectibles

There is a lot of work ahead of me. I  would really need to accumulate a lot of fancy schmancy collectible tea accesssories to keep up with a busy shop.  While I do have a few teacups in my shop Kitsch n Stuff, as well as a handful of decorative plates hiding behind the RETRO, I imagine a proper equipped tea room will need far more inventory than I have previousy held onto.

Kitsch n Bitch Tea House

Many dealers like myself have moved past the  Romantic cottage phase and  are now in the middle of a Mid Century obsession. Buyers are not looking for teacups they are looking for Eva Zeisel.  Now that's a thought, how does a Mid Century tea cafe sound? I could call it "Kitsch n Bitch Tea House".

Im hoping my readers will let me know which type of tea room appeals to them. Also add your experiences with tea rooms.

Choose your favorite concept and comment please:

Downton Kitsch Cafe
Kitsch n Tea
Kitsch n Bitch Tea House

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  1. I personally like the kitch n' bitch idea, but there would be those who drink tea who would be offended! There's always one! I don't think you should go for the British upper crust type because, just think about the health department rules and the fragility of that fancy china!! A couple of runs thru the sanitizer, with an inadvertent tap on the side of the cup, and there is nothing but Madhatter fairy dust!! Not to mention that Americans tend to prefer the hard stuff, i.e. coffee! We all think those tea boxes are SO appealing, and they sound delicious! So we buy them, and ten years later, we are still scooting the boxes aside looking for a REAL pick me up!

  2. Downton Kitsch Cafe has a ring to it and rolls off the tongue in a regal manner that is a must for a tea room. Quite proper, indeed! (all said with tongue in cheek and a spot of tea)
    ~Susan Mc

  3. I like the traditional tea room. They are getting harder to find. It was a dream of mine to someday have a tearoom of my own. I have been collecting tea cups & saucers, teapots and tea related items since the late 1970's. A few summers ago I was at a yard sale of a lady who was selling off all her tea room treasures, she had closed her tearoom due to the fact that she was covering her expenses but she hadn't made any money for her hard work. Rents on building are expensive here in NJ, making it hard to live your dream.
    I hope you get to open your tearoom.