Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tis The Season To Entertain With Beautful Collectible And Antique Glassware, Silver, China: Learn More About What You Have

Clueless About Antique Glassware,China, Silver: Ask The Experts On I Antique

I've been making the rounds through all my favorite antique stores and junk haunts. I love this time of the year, when all the Christmas bling is out and the antiques booths are decorated in vintage Christmas. If you really want to pick up great entertaining items, tis the season to find plenty of older glassware, china, silver and holiday serving pieces. I must confess that I am completely clueless about vintage glassware. I have no clue what is pressed glass, crystal or cut glass or whatever. I buy what looks pretty and I leave it at that.

We Were Not Fancy: Our China Was Paper

You may have read about my experience with "entertaining" in my books. I have already told the  world that growing up, dad served everything on plain white ruffled edge paper plates. When I was a child, dad owned a modest luncheonette and later a  kiosk which sold hot dogs. We did not grow up with  fancy plates or holiday glamour. The fanciest stuff we owned was a pair of milk glass candlesticks with a cordinated bowl which held the plastic fruit. Dad was so accustomed to using paper in his restaurant that he kept up the tradition  in our home (less dishes to wash).

 Learning About Fine China, Antique Glassware, Collectible Silver 

So you can not look to me for years of experience on handling fine glassware or china. I can tell you however where to find the knowledgeable people.  On my site I Antique we have over two hundred groups forums on every important topic concerning antiques and collectibles. Here are some special groups you  may wnat to  join "China Chat"    , "Glassware Hound Heaven"    and "Antique and Collelctible Silver" , Depression Glass Collectors

Going Through Collecting Phases

Over the years I have accumulated better paper plates and a nice collection  of blue and white Flow blue type pieces. These dishes and servicing pieces were aquired during my "blue and white" phase. I now am in my "Mid Century phase". I'm sure as I get older I will probably return to plain white ruffled edge paper plates!

Photos taken at Antique On The Farmington, Collinsville, Connecticut

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