Monday, December 10, 2012

Buying Collectible Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper At Antique Center Of Northampton, Northampton, Mass

I have to be honest, even though I actually wrote back in 2010 a very popular post called "Where to Buy Nostalgic Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper" (which gets a zillion readers ), I rarely come across good looking wrapping paper myself when I'm out hunting for STUFF.

Yes, you can find  individual sheets of vintage Christmas wrapping paper here and there online, but it's not that easily to find in shops.

Retro 1950s Christmas Wrapping Paper

Well imagine my surprise when I bumped into a box of retro Christmas wrapping paper (1950s-1960s) while visiting the Antique Center of Northampton, Mass. Of course I rummaged through the boxed set and then like any hunter I looked at the price tag. Now that was not easily to figure out. In  one corner was the number 65 and in the other corner was the number10.  There were 13 sheets inside the box. The box cover said that it was a set of 20 sheets with tags (when complete). So I had a partial box of nice condition  Christmas wrapping paper with a torn box cover .There were no dollar signs on the tag by the way.

How Much Would You Pay For Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper? 

I nervously brought the box to the cashier, deciding that if the seller was asking $10.00 for this box, It was a slam dunk and  the vintage Christmas wrapping paper was going home with me. If on the other hand the price was $65.00 I had to ruminate a bit more.

So I ask my readers......what do you believe the price was and why? Let's see what other think. And would you have bought this box and for what price?

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  1. I believe it was 65% complete and they were asking $10.
    Did you get it????
    I adore vintage wrapping paper of any kind!!

  2. Susan, I probably need to pause from answering so we can se what others say. Keep ya posted.


  3. well, at 65 that's five bucks a sheet and a good deal.... I hope you scored for ten! great graphics and maybe the box isn't too bad...?

  4. Hoping Hoping Hoping that it was BOOTH 65 and the price was $10. What a great find!

  5. Wow, $65 seems excessive. Peggy probably answered correctly. Let's hope so anyway!

  6. Well, I know what I have paid in the past- 25 cents a roll at a church rummage sale for 40s/50s vintage paper. And I know what I sold them for- $12 to $22 for each roll. And they sold pretty quickly. So I wouldn't be surprised if the price was $65 for all of it!