Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mixed Media Artists Painting Papers With Your Old Junk

Sometimes you just have to move away from junking for antiques and collectibles and concentrate on junking with art. In my art studio junk is what I use to make art! Nothing gets thrown out and everything that is hanging around can be grabbed and converted as an art tool.

Saving Junk In Plastic Boxes

For example I have plastic boxes filled with bubble wrap, old game parts, broken toys, sewing notions, vintage kitchen tools, expired plastic credit cards, candy box inserts and more. These objects can be used to draw with or create fabulous designs and textures.

Making Marks On Paper

Recently, I offered a small workshop in my studio at The Farmington Valley Arts Center, Avon, CT on how to loosen up with mixed media techniques. Our group started off by making marks on papers with all kinds of  tools and media and than added acrylic paints and inks.

Tearing Up Papers For Mixed Media Art Collages

Later these papers will be torn up and re-assembled as  abstract mixed media art work . The images shown are the painted papers before they get torn up. As you can see, some of these "raw" papers look good just the way they are.

Participants  arrived to my studio with drawing paper, inks, acrylic paints, oil pastels, chalks, dry media, brushes and  JUNK.

Unconventional Art Materials And Tools

It is the junk part that is what I am focusing on in this post. While traditional art materials are key supplies for making collages and mixed media art, it is the unconventional tools that really add something special to abstract mixed media. One fella I  know uses pastry knives and window squeegees to smear his paint. My friend folds pieces of heavy cardboard and prefers to paint with the edge of the cardboard instead of using a brush. I love my sacred putty knife.

Don't Throw Out Broken Dishes

For those of you who like to make art, you can find lots of great art stuff in local junk stores and thrift shops. Also be sure to check your garage and basement . And for antique dealers reading this article, don't be so quick to throw out broken objects. Many artists are interested in your broken tiles, dishes and even glassware.And old kitchen tools may be in lousy condition to sell for very much as a collectible, but they may make a mixed media artist very happy.  

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