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"Chick- fil -A": A Brand Pretending To Have Old Fashioned Family Values

The Scoop From The Chicken Coop 

Need Some Fix-in  in The Chick fil A Kitsch-en

I love vintage roosters, chickens, cows and all the tschotskes that go with good old fashioned country living, hard working farm families and back home hospitality. Like many baby boomers, I have decorated my kitchen with retro roosters and have wished that Aunt Bea would be joining me for a slice of apple pie and a cup of tea. We all yearn for good neighbors and kind words.

Collecting Friends

When I can't get out antiquing and hunting for more kitschy country kitchen collectibles I'm on happily "playing" in my virtual collecting world rejoicing in every new follower who is as obsessed as I am about vintage kitchen collectibles. It feels  good to have friends even in cyberspace.  But every now and then, the crazy real world seeps into my brain and I am forced to focus!

So What's All The Fuss About Chick-Fil-A ?

So what in the world is all the fuss about "Chick-fil-A" ?, a  good food eatery that's getting a lot of attention in the news .Up until a week ago, I'm not even sure I ever heard of "Chick- Fil -A",  a  successful Atlanta based fast food franchise with 1,608 outlets. But now I'm tuned into the food fight. Here's what all the clucking is about for those of you who like me can go days and weeks living in the retro past or out shopping for more kitschy kitchen companions.

Chicken Pride Versus Gay Pride

Chick- fil- A headed by president Dan Cathy is currently involved in a corporate nightmare because it appears that  Dan might indeed care more about chicken and cow pride than gay pride and basic human rights.  Dan Cathy, a religious man supports the "biblical definition of a family" . According to Bloomberg  Businessweek, Dan believes Americans have a "prideful arrogant attitude"  about gay marriage that risks "inviting God's judgment on our nation".

The Huffington reports that Chick-fil-A gives money to The Family Research Council, designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Another cause that receives contributions is a Christian Ministry that endorses ex-gay therapy, a practice disavowed by most mental health organizations.

Also reported in the Huffington Post is that  gay employees are coming forward and telling stories of a  culture of gay discrimination and hurtful banter at some of the Chick fil A outlets. Gay employees have kept quiet for fear of losing their jobs and have been told to keep neutral when  a custom blatantly makes a homophobic remark.

Somethings Not Kosher About Chick fil A

Whoa....this does not appear to be a kosher situation. Where are the good ole family values that Chick fil A cherishes according to their website? The scoop out of the chicken coop is that Dan Cathy is running a company that is not  encouraging good family values for ALL Americans, only some Americans.

Dan needs to stop giving money to  groups that discriminate against gays. He also needs to revamp his company brand  and create a climate from the very top down to each franchise that promotes tolerance, respect and equality for ALL. !

What We Can Learn From Bill Marriot

 Dan Cathy could learn a lot from Bill Marriott (Morman controlled hotel chain) who separates his  personal religious views from company practices. He does not donate to causes which are anti gay.equality. And in fact, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, Bill Marriott "is publicly reinforcing his company's commitment to gay rights through domestic partners benefits and services aimed at gay couples". Better.....but not quite equal yet.

Inspiration Versus Alienation

Diana Brady (Bloomberg Businessweek July 25th, 2012) wrote  "The problem is that he (Dan Cathy) crossed the line in letting his faith become less about inspiration than alienation". Brady reports that Chic fil A  rings up $4 billion in sales each year. While Dan Cathy is entitled to his religious beliefs, his story goes beyond his personal myopia. Chic- fil- A is branded as a kid-family- friendly, community centered business with a corporate  purpose "to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A. O.K. now we need some some fix-in in the Chic-fil-A kitsch-en.

Should You Boycott Chick- fil- A?

I do see a justification for the current wave of outrage and calls to boycott  Chick- fil- A.  Sometimes it takes a kick in the money belt to knock sense into the heart.

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If you wold like to have your voice heard  please read and see what you can do in your region.

For more information  on gay and lesbian advocacy visit .

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