Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bee And Honey Themed Collectibles

 Collectible Bees: "Bee Retro"

O.K. I was feeling a little silly the other day and decided to create a board called "Bee Retro". I thought it was a cute way of labeling a collection of "bee themed collectibles". Now the interesting thing about bee collectibles is that they can be adorable with charming graphics and characteristics or scary and insect looking in a creepy way. I set up my board with cute bees. 

What Kinds Of Bee Collectibles Will You Find ?

I decided to buzz around the site to see what type of "bees" were out there on cyber space. You will find bee jewelry, bee hive glassware, silver and ceramics, bee toys, bee greeting cards, prints, artwork,  bee puzzles, bee dishes etc. But if you think about bee related keepsakes even further, you can branch out into honey themed collectibles which will bring you into the world of honey pots or jars.BTW, there are also farm related collectibles for bee keepers which I am  not focusing on at this time.

Jewish New Year Apple And Honey Dishes

With the  Jewish New Years approaching (Rosh Hashanah), you will begin to see Apple and Honey  pots and dishes sold for the High Holy days. At each holiday table, it is the tradition to dip a slice of apple into sweet honey to trust that G-d will grant us a sweet year.
Bees and honey have powerful meanings and symbolism and are frequently discussed in dream theory, mythology, religion, psychology and more. Bees are viewed as organized, tireless, disciplined, industrious, teamwork,  perseverance,  charity, regal themes etc. The honey, manufactured by bees is frequently mentioned in poetry and writings as a symbolism for richness and sweetness. 
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  1. I'm curious, why did you type G-d that way? Please be assured, I am asking with the utmost respect, it's just that I don't recall ever seeing that done before. I'm assuming it is a sign of respect, correct? I grew up with first and second generation immigrants in Connecticut in the 1950's and I now look back and realize how fortunate I was to grow up with such a healthy mix of people. Oh, how I WISH I was into collecting when I lived there!

  2. I half expected to see a Fisher-Price Bee pull toy on your pinterest board.