Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mixed Media Artist Carolyn Tertes Dazzles Us With Vibrant Colors, Innovative Textures And Whimsical Interpretations Of Serious Topics

Visiting The Art Studio Of Mixed Media Artist Carolyn Tertes At Open Studio Hartford

As a loyal fan of Open Studio Hartford, I made the rounds this past weekend, visiting all the studios and artists at Artspace Hartford. I started out on Saturday at Artspace, a residence across from the train station in Hartford which combines living space with artist studios and and then returning to to visit 56 Arbor Street ( Real Art Ways building) on Sunday.

Meet Mixed Media Artist Carolyn Tertes

The fourth floor of 56 Arbor Street is not only the home of my first art studio (I am now at The Farmington Valley Art Center) , but it is the creative sanctuary for my Mixed media colleague and friend Carolyn Tertes. Carolyn, like many other artists, works in powerful bursts of intense creativity sessions followed by periods of rest, family, distractions and travel.

Whenever Carolyn returns to studio 414 at 56 Arbor (a building known for artists, photographers, graphic designers, artsy types) you can be sure that she is exploding with ideas.

Burst of Color At Carolyn Tertes's Art Studio

On Sunday, I walked into her studio and was dazzled with color, energy and excitement. No one uses pinks, oranges and West Coast colors like Carolyn. Maybe that is because Carolyn is bi-coastal, dividing her life between three pleasures, her art, her husband and family ( on the warmer coast). Carolyn also spends a lot of time in Mexico and you can clearly see how she is influenced by the bright, colorful designs and palettes of her travels.

Old Game Parts Tell A Story

While her collages appear whimsical and playful, if you look closer you will learn that often Carolyn is expressing much deeper topics in her work. The mixed media piece on top is about "young boys play at war". The old game parts and toy soldiers are mean't to remind us of the dangers of war games.

Improvising With Her Studio Space

Short on time, Carolyn needed to get her studio ready for Open Studio Hartford. So as clever as she is, she put her efforts into painting a dynamite wall mural which she used to showcase her smaller Encaustic (wax) and mixed media collages. The look was sensational, adding vibrant wow power to her studio and giving her older collage and mixed media pieces a new presentation. I have to say, visiting Carolyn's studio was the perfect ending to a art lover's weekend. Now I need to get to my own stdio and channel some of Carolyn's creativity!

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