Monday, July 18, 2011

"Ros-al Floral And Antiques", A Kitsch Haven In Hawley Pennsylvania

Groovy Collectibles At "Ros-al Floral And Antiques, Hawley Pennsylvania

Oh, my what can I say about "Ros-al Floral And Antiques" ?
You drive up to this whimsical shop and you are wondering to yourself...."what am I going to find inside?" Well here is the scoop.....anything and everything.....tschotske city!

Kitschy Collectibles You Will Adore

This shop is the definition of "KITSCH"....but in a good way. The shop is just pure fun. Every religion is accounted for.... all the vintage souvenirs are represented and you are sure you have just returned to the 60s and 70s.

Welcome Collectible Butterflies, Frogs, Owls, Mushrooms, Buddas

The only thing missing was Peter Max himself. But the spirit of groovy times was well under way at "Ros-al Floral And Antiques. Oh how I remember some of these collectibles in my dorm. Hello ceramic and wax mushrooms. Welcome butterflies and frogs. They are all there for you to buy and have once again.

Vintage Souvenirs And Fun Collecitbles

Owners Paul Daugevelo and Christopher Glinton have crammed every room of this two story building with collectible souvenirs, snow globes, religious collectibles, carnival chalkware, vintage Zen, floral arrangements, garden collectibles, Asian figurines, planters, jewelry, vintage buddas, whimsical collectibles and more.

For Collectors Who Enjoy Quirky Collectibles

Sometimes it is a nice change, to wander into a shop and browse a store that has some really different collectibles, gifts and decor. You stretch your brain a little and realize that there are collectors for just about everything. And that is a good thing. This shop is for those of us who enjoy a little something quirky, odd and cheesy. Have fun!

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  1. Hawley! Some good shops there! :-)

    Have you been to the Lumberyard shops in Milford, PA? Not too far from Hawley...