Monday, July 11, 2011

The Portable Playhouse Brings Bead Jewelry Projects to Hospitalized Children And Cancer Centers

Bead And Jewelry Projects Bring Smiles To Hospitalized Children And Cancer Patients

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses. Recently, I was introduced to "The Portable Playhouse", a nonprofit organization founded by Maryann Corey and her sister Patty McGeary, which provides specialized unique bead jewelry and other therapeutic craft/ art programs to Pediatric hospitalized patients and also to children and women recovering from cancer treatments.

"Portable Playhouse" At Woodloch Pines Resort

While visiting Woodloch Pines Resort I had the pleasure of meeting the folks of "The Portable Playhouse" who set up an outdoor tent where guests could try their hand at designed custom made beaded bracelets. The fee to make a bracelet is donated to "The Portable Playhouse" to run their programs around the country.

Maryann and her husband gave up the big city life and two job world to develop "The Portable Playhouse" which is located at 425 Main Street, Forest City, Pennsylvania (Northwest PA ).

The Corey's bought an old building and have transformed it to serve as the headquarters for their non-profit organization and "Crows Nest Art Center" (first floor) as well as their humble residence (second floor) and soon to open women's retreat space (third floor) for cancer survivors . You can read more about MaryAnn on The Wayne County Arts Alliance website.

Meet "Silly Milly" And Become A Volunteer.

I was mesmerized by this wonderful idea. Volunteers are needed throughout the country to visit hospitals to provide one on one visits to children and cancer patients.

When volunteers enter a child's room, they are not alone, they are accompanied by "Silly Milly" whose real name is Milly Magpie. "Silly Milly" is a Gund plush doll that has become the mascot of the "Portable Playhouse Project. Like many cancer patients who have lost their hair to chemotherapy, "Silly Milly" wears a hat. "Silly Milly" and the bead volunteers bring lots of smiles to recovering patients.

Another project of "The Portable Playhouse is sponsoring a bead on the "Longest Beaded Necklace Project. Read more about their "Longest beaded necklace project" to raise funds to support their programs.

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