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Introducing "Bronx Renaissance" : Decorating With Retro Showy Antiques And Collectibles

Have Your Heard of Decorating In "Bronx Renaissance" ?

It's A Colorful And Bold Vintage St
yle Which Is Back Again

They dared me at my Antique Mall (The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT.) to call the decorating style discussed in this article "Bronx Renaissance". But when I asked some of these same dealers to describe the style of the furnishings and accessories illustrated in this post, one dealer (who will remain anonymous to protect his identity) jested "Bronx Renaissance" Style .

Hollywood Regency Decor With A Twist

As soon as I heard this phrase, I fell in love with it. It was like "Hollywood Regency" with a twist: ...the glitz, the showy collectibles but not exactly the glamour of the rich and famous of The Golden Age of Hollywood. Think of "Bronx Renaissance" as the BRONX of yesteryear where so many of my readers had their humble beginnings.

Bronx Roots

The Bronx, one of New York's, five boroughs is nostalgic for many of us who had parents , grandparents and family who started out there. Today, the Bronx is both home to some of the poorest neighborhoods in New York as well as home to some of the most affluent areas such as Riverdale and Country Club.

Hollywood Style Or V
intage Bronx?

A lot of HOLLYWOOD folks (Woody Allen, Tony Curtis, Al Pacino, Anne Bancroft etc.) came from the BRONX.....well that's another article. So before I used the title "Bronx Renaissance" I wanted to do some homework and make sure I wasn't insulting anyone in the entertainment business or any other business for that matter.Who else used that phrase and what might it imply?

Yankee Stadium Was a "Bronx Renaissance"

To my surprise, the term "Bronx Renaissance" was not associated with anything fishy or any previously discussed decorating trend . The term has been used to describe the re-opening of the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. O.K. that seemed Kosher enough.....nothing controversial about that connection.

So I decided to put it out there......I was coining a new decorating style. For me "Bronx Renaissance" is exciting, colorful, flamboyant, just like the people of New York. I wasn't thinking baseball...I was thinking "OVER THE TOP" decor. In fact if truth me known, I was also thinking GAUDY (aka showy) and FLASHY.

"Bronx Renaissance" Is A "Hollywood Regency" Wannabe Decorating Style

While "Hollywod Regency" conjures up the 1930s glamour and glitz of the Hollywood Golden Age , a popular decorating style for Joan Crawford, in contrast, " Bronx Renaissance" reminds me of "My Cousin Vinnie" starring one of my favorite actors Joe Pesci.

Blitz, Gliz, Gaudy Decorating

O.K. I said it ! Now how many of you remember your childhood and visiting friends, neighbors, cousins who liked to decorate in this BOLD style? Those were the days of lots of blitz, glitz and gaud! Oh's back! Yes " Bronx Renaissance" retro decor meets Jersey Shore housewives meets vintage Hollywood meets all of the above and more.

Some Common Elements of "Bronx Renaissance" Decor Sty

1. Animal prints
2. Large gaudy lamps.
3. Bright colors and palettes.
4. Faux everything.
5. Blitz, glitz, flashy accessories.
6. BIG everything.
7. Mix and match big time.
6. Tall mirrors and lots of hanging crystals.

and you can add some more to this list.

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  1. Great and interesting post! I LOVE the gold-ish chaise lounge but generally the Bronx Renaissance is a bit much for me. But very fun to look at! I've added myself as your newest follower. Hope you can drop in and see me sometime. Happy Summer Ya'll.