Thursday, September 23, 2010

Collecting Children's Birthday Party Napkins From the 1950's And 1960s

Vintage Party Goods Delight Baby Boomers

Once again look what I found on .... Children's Retro Birthday Party Napkins. I really had no idea how many people like to collect children's vintage party goods from paper plates to nut cups to cute little napkins. Check out sites like and you will see what i am talking about.

Let's Re-Visit THE Birthday Party

My goodness, it is so much fun to re- visit some of these party accessories from my childhood back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Apartment Parties

Living in a small "Garden Apartment' in Fresh Meadows, Queens (N.Y.), birthday parties were held either in your living room or in the spooky community basement where the washer and dryers were kept. Believe me, the party room in this "recreation room" in the basement needed more help than a few balloons and streamers.

Vintage Party Themes

But it was a blast picking out your party theme each year. Usually napkins which went with plates, cups, tablecloths etc. were of popular images from cartoons, T.V. shows, Disney, the circus, sports and more. Other common subjects for images were cowboys and cowgirls, space themes, tea parties, marching bands, poodles etc.

Party Goodies

Oh yes, I can visualize some of these parties as if it were just yesterday. The "Bridge table" would be dragged out of the closet and added to another table and set with a paper tablecloth. Then I would help to set the table and fill the ruffled nut cups or plastic party baskets with Hershey Kisses or M&M's etc. The cake always coordinated with the theme of the party. Mickey, or Donald or Felix or later Fred Flintstone might be the star of honor.

"Little Girl Themes"

For a real change, we might do a frilly pink party and use party goods with a "feminine touch", like images of gals with bonnets at a tea party. The streamers, in coordinated colors would hang from one end of the party room to another. The room with look so pretty and than the kids would arrive with presents in hand (the best part).

Oops.....Here Comes The Soda

And year after year, mom would serve the birthday cake and pour glasses of soda ...yes I said was in the 1950s....and without skipping a beat...some excited kid would spill their soda all over the paper tablecloth and party goods and the party would move to "game time" !

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  1. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!! There was always spilled something! lol these are really cute!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. I think my favorite is the Space Boy, but I do have a soft spot for vintage childrens party goods. I was born in the 50's and so maybe thats why! oxox, Diane

  3. I thought those napkins looked familiar - and then I realized they were mine! :-) Thanks for the plug. I forgot about the pleasure of helping set the table and filling the ruffled nut cups with treats.

  4. Love the space themed one! Yes, so many memories! ♥