Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thermo-Temp Thermoware Raffiaware Pastel Tumblers 1950's Favorites

Raffiaware Tall Tumblers In Fabulous 1950s Colors 

A few years ago, Martha Stewart featured an article on vintage plastic dishes in her magazine and every dealer ran to their storage sheds, basements and garages and dug out all their Raffiaware.  Following Martha Stewart's article there was quite a buzz in the air as Thermo-Temp Thermoware plastic tumblers, pitchers, bowls, desserts,  etc. were showing up everywhere. The excitement for these hip plastics has settled down a bit, especially in soft colors. But FAB colors such as TURQUOISE and CHARTREUSE  still turn heads.

It's Plastic Time 

As the warmer weather approaches, picnic wares and plastic dishes  start finding their way back into shops and antique boothes. Even though I do not see as much interest in many of these plastics, I still adore them. I came across a wonderul set of  12 ounce tumblers in a small shop in Connecticut  called "Antiques on Whiting" (Plainville).

Great Prices on Raffiaware 

1956 - 1959 Thermo-Temp Thermoware 12 Ounce TALL Tumblers  Raffiaware RARE  MIBThe mint set of vintage plastic tumblers that I found (not in the box) in this small but terrific little packed shop, had pastel colors that were so vibrant. These vintage "Raffiaware" or "Therno-Temp" tumblers as they are known, were being sold in this shop for $2.00 a piece which I consider a very fair. One tumbler was damaged, but the others were mint. If you do a little homework on the subject you will learn that the tumblers I spotted were originally sold from 1956-1959. These tumblers were sold in the 50s in a boxed set of eight  different colors.
The boxed set below is how they were origibnally sold.
The boxed photo is courtesy of http://www.etsy.com/transaction/57984262

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  1. Boy, do these make me think of "Grandma"!
    They're so cute!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. My grandma had these and our family used to fight over who got to use them for icecream dishes. love them

  3. My grandma had these and our family fought over them to put icecream in