Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's In My Basement Just In Case I Might Need It Someday ?

What Do You Hold Onto Just in Case ......

Well, let me discuss what is in my basement which I'll be passing onto my kids if I don't get down there and do some cleaning up.I wonder if there is a Reality T.V. show out there looking for the gems that I have packed away.

What's In My Basement Just In Case I Need It ?

1. Boxes of my old report cards and poorly written book reports in case I need to prove I really got through grade school.

2. Old Nursing or Psychology books in case you want to read about how Schizophrenia is caused by bad mothers (once the prevailing theory)!

3. Paper plates, cups, napkins for nursery age kids just in case my kids stop hanging out in Pubs and start hanging out in playgrounds.

4. Boxes of broken toy parts and missing puzzle case I decide to make something out of them? The urge has not happened in thirty years!

5. The original boxes to speakers, telephones, answering machines and other products in case I need to return them (after 20-25 years).

6. Dusty, musty, nasty area rugs from dorm case we need them for the dog......are you dog would never lay a foot on these shabby things.

7. Old torn winter outer case my husband needs them to wear while painting....not happening in this lifetime!

8. Dried out cans of house case I need to match a color? I couldn't remember what color goes where? And by now the original paint jobs have oxidized past recognition.

9. A gigantic plastic Ficus tree which outgrew its welcome in case I need to fill in the corner of a room.

10. A huge box of dried out old magic markers and pens in case I need a "cap", "inner spring" or find a way to reconstitute ink.

Please add your "in case" scenarios in the comment section.

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  1. LOL!!!!!!!!
    Guess we have the same "basement" really is our "family room"'s a lovely walkout and I can't sit on the furniture to watch TV..I just vacuumed it as the "cob webs" were taking's SAD!! :(
    I have "in case" case I should someday sell it!!
    Deb :)

  2. A box of vintage lamp parts, just in case I need to find a replacement piece.

    A desk and chair just in case I every get the time to paint or refinish it. (It's been sitting there for a few years! lol!)

    A couple huge bins of wooden craft cut outs just in case I every find the time to sort them, much less do something with them!

  3. He's not in the basement, but I keep the husband around in case I find him interesting again one day, or need a tall window washed.