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What Did You Accomplish In 2010 ? : A Parody Of Seth Godin's Post "What Did You Ship?"

Read What The Kitschy Collector Accomplished Last Year (2010).

I read Seth Godin's (author of Purple Cow) blog each morning. One of his recent posts is titled #Year In Review: What Did You Ship? He lists all the projects he accomplished in 2010.He starts off his post with the following "This might be a useful exercise. Doesn't matter whether it was a hit or not, it just matters that you shipped it. Shipping something that scares you (and a lot of what follows did) is the entire point." Of course by "shipping" he means what have you actually accomplished. What project(s) have you completed? He continues "[Funny, it's actually difficult to publish a list like this... maybe that's another reason we hesitate to ship, because we don't want to tout too much]."

Here is Seth Godin's List
  • Launch Linchpin
  • Book launch in New York, including triibes dinner
  • Worldwide blog tour, including book signing with Steven Pressfield
  • Launch and run the Nano MBA program
  • Launch Roadtrip—Boston, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Los Angeles
  • Two worldwide Linchpin meetups--more than 1500 meetups held
  • Squidoo launches social gaming system and hits the top 90 on Quantcast
  • Speech at the ISB in Hyderabad
  • $40,000 for Charity:Water in July
  • $275,000 for charity from Squidoo to celebrate 5 years
  • 13,000 people at Catalyst in October, including Graceful booklet
  • Launch and run the FeMBA program
  • Announce the Domino Project with Amazon and hire accomplices to help launch it
I thought it would be fun for each of us to create our own list. You can make your list privately or if you want you can share what is on your list in the comments below.I suppose if I was making a list it would not at all be as grand as entrepreneur Seth Godin's . But here is what would be on my list:
What Did The Kitsch Collector "Ship" (Accomplish in 2010)
1. I finally found and purchased a a duvet cover I liked at Crate and Barrel (after several trials and returns"
2. I moved my antique booth from the back of Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford to the front of the store.
3. Went to the "Gyno", had a Mammogram, went for a physical (finally), had a eye exam had two dental cleanings .
4. Started Pilates and Fitness lessons......(o.k. only 30 minutes a week and I haven't been there in three weeks...but it's a beginning.
5. Changed the throw pillows and color scheme for my living room couches at least 4 times.
6 Switched the drapes and dust ruffles in one bedroom with the drapes and dust ruffle in another bedroom.
7. Stopped adding a little (but expensive) wet dog food to my Sheltie's Lamb dry food meals and added a little mash or sweet potato (cheaper) instead.
8. Had the cleaning girl clean out my car at least twice this year.
9. Stopped eating so much fiber and salads which were doing me in.
10. Released the Second Edition of my book, Hot Kitchen and Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s.

What's on your list?
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  1. I love the little girl in her bedroom illustration! So pretty. Congrats on accomplishing so many things this year!