Friday, July 17, 2009

In The Pink at "The Nosey Goose" of Madison, Connecticut

On a recent visit to Madison, Connecticut I stopped into the "Nosey Goose", an eclectic Shabby Chic style boutique which carries new and old home accessories, gifts and garden items. On the front lawn is a 1950's bicycle painted hot pink which sets the stage for lots of other whimsical pink painted items you will find inside the shop.

The "Nosey Goose"is a renovated cottage style home now converted into a charming shop on a side street in the heart of Madison Center on the Connecticut Shore.

All I kept thinking about while visiting this charming shop was how much work went into setting up so many delightful displays both in and outside the store.

This boutique is one of those cottage style places that you wander though patiently exploring all the nooks and crannies and wishing you too could live in an enchanted cottage.

Pink, a favorite color for the owner seems to run throughout the cottage and is the preferred palette for the many custom items showcased such as furniture, textiles, collectibles and garden props.

While the shop concentrates more on vintage style rather than on collectibles, there still is plenty of terrific old stuff to be found.

I am always curious about what is now being made new to look old, so that when some of these "collectibles" (reproductions) show up for sale elsewhere I can sniff out the "fakes"quicker.

But I have to tell you, even after handling lots of textiles and kitchen-wares. sometimes it is really hard to tell the new stuff from the originals.

As I have discussed in my book, Hot Kitchen and home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s, you really need to look things over and evaluate what you have in hand to figure out if you have a tryly old item or a reproduction. Does the item show wear? Is there signs of aging? Are there any tags on the item which might suggest age? For textiles, how does the item feel? You will also find lots more information about purchasing vintage, retro and cottage collectibles in my second book, "Hot cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes".

Today many shop owners are carrying more manufactured vintage style home accessories and kitchen-wares than originals because it is so hard to keep your inventory fresh. While I find it fun to see both items mixed together in clever displays, it does make hunting for the real stuff much harder. But like many collector, I am always up for the challenge.

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