Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art on the Avenue: Visitng Lenore Schneider's Hull Massachusetts Seaside Gallery and Home

I dream often of owning a home on the water and spending my days painting. In fact I have even found my dream home. Right now however "my dream house" is occupied by another artist.

Meet Lenore

Her name is Lenore Schneider, a retired art teacher who bought this delightful home in 1997 and who has successfully transformed this lovely home into a living gallery with a 360 degree view of the Atlantic Ocean, Boston Harbor Islands, Boston Light and Allerton Bay.

This multi-level studio/home sits on Nantasket Avenue in Hull Massachusetts. I discovered Lenore's gallery while visiting a family member a few years ago.

Photos of Lenore Schneider's Gallery/Studio/Home

Returning to Hull, Massachusetts
A Visit "Art on the Avenue"
: A Seaside Gallery

Father's Day Weekend, I returned to "Art on the Avenue" to visit Lenore and "kvell" * over the exciting mixed media paintings hanging on every wall of every room of her home and gallery.

Lenore's studio is on the top most floor. A winding staircase leads you to her sacred space which like all the rooms of this house are facing the water. Her husband Bill Smyth maintains his studio on the main level. While both Lenore and Bill enjoy painting local scenery, Lenore has a passion for abstract mixed media and is always experimenting with products and techniques.

Molding with Gesso Coated Canvas

Currently, Lenore is having fun with molding Gesso coated canvas sheets and adding images and color.

When you visit "Art on the Avenue" you will also be introduced to the work of other local artists as well as family members. There is so much to take in when you are touring this unique gallery........Lenore's taste for quirky and whimsical art..............the smell of homemade bean soup tended by her husband with care as Lenore gives visitors a VIP tour....and of course the breathtaking views of the ocean and harbor .............

The entire visit is a treat one remembers. Lenore promises me that someday I too will have my dream house studio near the beach with views of the water. For now....I will share some of these lovely photos with you, reminding myself that dreams do come true....they did for Lenore.

* kvell: to feel delighted and proud to the point of tears (Yiddish קװעלן kveln, from an old Germanic word akin to German quellen 'well up')

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