Monday, June 19, 2017

Catching On To The Ins and Outs of Nursing Homes

What Adult Children Can Expect When Their Parent is In A Nursing Home  

It's been awhile since my dad has been placed in a Nursing Home and I'm catching on to the ins and outs of long term care. In fact this is the second home my dad has been in so I am building up comparative experiences.
Keep Cool In Nursing Homes

Yesterday was Father's day and the weather outside was HOT, MUGGY and OPPRESSIVE. Dad, however was wearing an over the neck long sleeve sweater on top of a golf shirt circa 1962. I stopped by the lobby water cooler and served myself ice water before strolling to the back of the facility where dad holds court in his corner of the long hall.

On the way to dad I stopped off in the snack closet and brought him a soft cookie. He already had his "Sippy cup" filled with apple juice.

Count The Moments in Dementia Care

I brought him a colorful Father's Day card which he really liked, a sure sign of his deteriorating Dementia as he has NEVER liked any of my cards in the past. I actually was delighted that he liked my card. It could have been a Christmas card, but he liked it !

They say that when you take care of  frail elderly with Dementia you need to focus on the joyful moments. Small things matter, like offering a cool beverage or a favorite cookie when visiting.

Peddling Into Neighbors Rooms

Dad must be getting back to himself after a recent fall as he now has been peddling around in his wheelchair using his feet. I'm not sure if that is safe or not, but he is enjoying the mobility and the opportunity to "stroll" into someone else's room.  And dad isn't the only one scooting around as his neighboring residents have found there way into his room. One lovely woman likes to "borrow"his T.V. control and hide it. Nothing to worry's not so unusual and the aides know who the kleptomaniacs are.

I'm catching on to Nursing Home life, I put a big sticker on his T.V. controls with his name on it and I've learned not to sweat the small stuff ( or the big stuff).

Here are some Nursing Home pointers:

1. Make sure everything that belongs to your loved one is labeled.
2. Less is better.....keep excess clothing and belongings at  your house or in a box in the resident's closet.
3. Focus on sharing joyful moments in time.
4. Simple gifts like offering a snack or cold drink go a long way,
5. It's hot in Nursing Homes (in all seasons)....visitors should dress in layers.

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