Monday, January 19, 2015

Getting Into The Shark Tank Mentality: Who Wants To Make An Easy To Seal Dog Poop Bag?

Binge Watching Shark Tank: Incubating Creative Ideas

I have been binge watching "Shark Tank" on television the show where budding entrepreneurs go up in front of the "Sharks" to pitch their business ideas. I've been catching past shows right on You Tube. After watching episode after episode of this business themed reality show you find yourself getting into the Shark Tank mentality......thinking about how you too can invent something or create a better mouse trap which will make a lot of money.

What's On My Drawing Board For Shark Tank

Sometimes your mind wanders to silly ideas like how to make a better dog poop bag that is easy to seal when you are trying to pick up doggie stuff when you are wearing thick winter gloves. Or how to improve on dental floss so it doesn't stick to your fingers when you try to throw it out in the gargage pail.

Who Wants To Seal The Deal On A New Dog Poop Bag?

The Shark Tank show is very engaging and entertaining and I wonder why I'm first getting into it now.  Hey, I'm not a T.V. person.....I'm always behind on shows. But I am an idea person and a very creative thinker. Anyone want to partner on a better way to pick up dog poop and seal the bag with thick winter gloves on?

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  1. I think an attached twist tie would do the trick.

  2. I Love the Shark Tank Show too... so many Creative People and even if their Ideas aren't embraced, I applaud anyone for thinking outside of the box and filling a Need with their Creativity and Imagination! I met an Oil Baron at the Nursing Home my Mom was in and he made his original Millions with one Invention at the tender age of 21 and quite by accident, he Invented Varnish while trying to Invent something else... instantly he became a Made Man and even at 99 years young when I met him, he was still Imagining all kinds of possibilities for New Inventions! He was very Inspiring to our Grandchildren and such a fascinating Man to talk to... alas his Dear Wife had Alzheimers which is why he had decided to live in the Nursing Home with her so as not to be separated... such dedicated Love was also Inspiring! I Hope you come up with a Brilliant Idea! Dawn... The Bohemian