Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Is Manischewitz Downsizing Their Passover Desserts: Honey They Shrunk My Macaroons And Mandel Cuts

Oy Vey: Manischewitz Is Downsizing Their Mandel Cuts and Macaroons 

You've heard about downsizing a home, but have you read much about downsizing Passover? Imagine my surprise Monday evening when I opened a box of Kosher for Passover Manischewitz Mandel Cuts ( biscotti like cookies)  and found that these favorite desserts of mine had shrunk in size. Then, I opened up a container of Macaroons and oy vey, these delights also were smaller than I have ever remembered.

Be Careful About Dipping Your Downsized Mandel Cut Cookies In Hot Tea

After I poured my guests a cup of tea, I took my seat at the table, but I was still ruminating about the  downsized look of my Passover desserts. Truthfully,  I was consumed with laughter and nearly fell off my chair when I had to point out to my friends that they should be careful about dipping the Mandel cuts into the hot tea, because there wasn't much of a cookie to hold onto! 

How Small Is Small For These Passover Manischewitz Cookies ?
 After calming down from my shock after seeing these itsy bitsy cookies, I sprung out of my chair, and wondered aloud... just how small exactly had these Passover goodies gotten ?   My dear friend Larry and I decided we needed to set the record straight and get a scientific answer.

Measuring Passover Mandel Cut Cookies With A Ruler 

So Larry and I decided to reach for a ruler in a nearby kitchen drawer to capture the exact dimensions of these miniscule but tasty products. Larry carefully held the ruler close up to these downsized sweets, while I focused in on their petit presence. The news is not good, our ruler measured just about two inches long.

Downsized Passover Macaroons: The News Is Not Good

And don't get me started on the Macaroons. Yes, we also photographed these dwarfed desserts as well. I'm embarassed to report that these babies came in measuring about one inch in diameter.  I know times are bad and every business is taking a hit. But next year if this downsizing contines I'll need a magnifying glass to serve dessert.

Does anyone have any vintage (past season) Macaroons or Mandel Cuts hanging around that they could measure so we can keep tabs on the severity of this matter?

As usual, I ask my readers to leave comments, schmooze and enjoy your holidays.

Teacup image with tea courtesy of  http://teawithfriends.blogspot.com/2010/10/pink-glass-discoveries-old-and-new.html

Other photos taken by C. Dianne Zweig

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  1. Why not write to the manufacturer? They'll probably be honest with you. I still haven't recovered from all the cake mixes being reduced in weight. They never said a word and all of them seemed to do it. Did Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, etc., get together to try and pull one over on us? My Cake Lady Cookbook has recipes using the original size. She does have a fix on her website, but I don't think the texture is the same. Nobody wants to raise the price, so they reduce the size. They all do it sooner or later.