Thursday, November 21, 2013

Visiting "Sign of the Dove Gallery" in The Mall at Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, MA

It's A Sign.....Sign of the Dove

On my way to Bloomingdales (not a usual place to find me) in The Mall at Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill MA, I apparently parked on the wrong side of the mall and needed to trek past lots of stores to get to "Bloomies". But as you know, everything happens for a reason and I was rewarded for parking so far away. On route to shop "20 per cent off for family and friends" at Bloomies, I was pleasantly surprised to discover an artist cooperative called  "Sign of the Dove Gallery" on my stroll.

A Sixth Sense For Estate Sales And Artisan Shops

I couldn't believe that I had landed right where I would have wanted to be if  given advance notice. But just as I have a sixth sense for estate sales, I also have an uncanny ability to find artisan shops where all the objects are orginal and handmade. I could have skipped Bloomingdales, but I was on a mission. Back to that subject later.

New England Artist Cooperative For Decades 

The "Sign of the Dove Gallery" is an artist cooperative which is comprised of New England artists who make wearable art, pottery, sculpture,  dolls, paper crafts, holiday ornaments, glassware, jewelry, beadwork, stained glass and more.

Formerly called The Christmas Store, this cooperative was started in 1972 and is the oldest artist cooperative in New England founded by a small group of artists including Clara Wainright.

As you visit "Sign of The Dove Gallery" you can't help think how exciting it is to find fine craftspeople with an artisan home delightfully situated in the middle of an upscale surburban mall. This was a very well designed and showcased store with very unique handcrafted wall art, home decor , textiles and fine holiday crafts. I am happy to share this store with you and hope you will visit "Sign of the Dove" in your next visit to the region.

It Never Snows When I Buy Boots

Oh and wouldn't you know that the Ugg boots I picked out at Bloomies were not part of the 20 per cent sale......I wasn't happy about that. But the good news is that it won't snow this year in Connecticut, because, it never snows when I buy boots.          

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