Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ideas To Inspire Antique Booth Creativity

Getting Over An Antique Booth Slump

Need I say that it is the time of the year when antique booth owners start pulling out their Halloween and Autumn themed
collectibles. I too have been known to do a "Fall" look in my booth each year. But with temperatures in Southern New England  still quite warm, I'm still in "summer mode" and besides, I'm tired of the same old  "Halloweenish" booth look. This year I think  I'll do orange and turquoise instead of the expected combination of Harvest colors?

Time For An Antique Booth Intervention

If you are feeling a little bit of an Antique Booth slump perhaps you need a little push to help you with some antique booth creativity?

Here are some tips:

Antique Booth Inspiration Ideas

1. Look at home and design magazines for inspiration about color palettes and ideas. Try something entirely new for you
vignetttes (displays) with i.e. purple and yellow, orange and turquoise, green and pnk

2. Buy a few new vintage tablecloths and copy the colors themes in the cloths, adding objects that match.

3. Go visit other antiques malls to scoop up ideas.

4. Visit your favorite blogs and see how some of the successful dealers (who also snap photographs of their booths) have their antiques and collectibles on display.

5. Think completely out of the box. Buy something kooky and unsual to jumpstart a neew booth look.

6. Visit a paint store and select out color samples you look from the paint cards to establish a new color palette for you new look.

7. Choose a style you want to imitate......i.e. "Country"  or "Nautical"  or "Mid Century" and arange objects in your booth that go together.

8. Hang drapes or other materials as a backdrop and add a new look to yur booth.

9.  Forget about your booth for awhile and enjoy the break. When you finally do return yhou will have renewed energy.

10. Read my blog posts on  Antiq Biz Ideas

Readers please share your ideas and strategies to combat Antique Booth slumps!

Photos taken at Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT

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  1. Awesome tips. Love the suggestion of mixing up the colour scheme with orange. I'm in Australia but your tips are still valuable and something to take away and consider.

  2. When my booth feels tired or in a slump, I simply invite my artsy sisters to come and fluff and stage for me. They LOVE it!

  3. When my booths begin to get tired looking, I simply invite my artsy sisters to come and fluff and create vignettes. They LOVE it, and so do I!

  4. Terrific ideas, as usual. You ought'ta write a book... er... another book?