Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mah Jongg Remade: Using Vintage Mah Jongg Tiles In Hand Crafted Jewelry And Gifts

Making Jewelry And Home Decor Out Of Old Mah Jongg Tiles

Who would ever believe that I would find two baby boomer artisans, Eda and Roberta who make jewelry and home decor out of vintage Mah Jongg tiles exhibiting in a summer craft show in  Cotuit, Massachusetts (Cape Cod). I mean we are not talking the Borscht Belt here, the only thing Cotuit has in common with the Catskills back in it's hey day is that both offer a  quiet country setting and lots of fresh air and pretty summer flowers.  If you are wondering where Cotuit is, it's near Osterville which is between Mashpee and Hyannis. Nearby charming Osterville village is a must visit, with lovely boutiques and art galleries.

Mah Jongg Remade

So when I read that Eda and Roberta of "Mah Jongg Remade" were exhibitors at the Cotuit Craft Show, I just had to stop by. As I schmoozed with the gals, I learned that they had a common interest ...Mah Jongg and had became friends over the years.  Eventually,  Eda and Roberta started a business repurposing vintage Mah Jongg tiles into one-of-a-kind jewelry and gift items.

Finding Old Mah Jongg Tiles

They are lucky to have people save extra tiles for them or to find tiles online or at tag sales.  Old Mah Jongg sets are hot now, and very difficult to pick up cheap anymore, but Eda and Roberta say they have plenty of beautiful tiles to work with.

Business is good now, because, so many young women (and even some men) have re-discovered this  challenging game and enjoy Mah Jongg themed jewelry and gifts. I have seen many crafters use vintage Mah Jongg tiles in their work, but I must say, these two women (and one husband helper) have really done a nice job with their  creations. You can find Mah Jongg Remade on, here is the link   

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  1. I am a mah jongg player and a mah jongg set hoarder. I have four sets which is really more than I need! Each set is different (tiles and racks). I like the novelty of the mah jongg jewelry but feel bad when a vintage set has been broken up.