Monday, June 17, 2013

Visiting The Art Studio Of Suzy Logue, Decorative Furniture Painter At The Farmington Valley Arts Center

Paint Obsession, Re-Imagining Old Furniture Into Stylish One Of A Kind Works Of Useable Art  

Suzy Collins Logue is a decorative painter obsessed with changing the look of vintage and antique furniture. From the wee hours of the morning until the sun goes down, you will find Suzy hard at work in her Farmington Valley Arts Center studio in Avon, CT. Suzy's business name "Paint Obsession" reflects her preoccupation with re-imagining old furniture into stylish, colorful, elegant one of a kind works of art which falls under the category of useable or functional art.

Hunting For Furniture To Makeover

Like other artists who up-cyle vintage finds, Suzy must balance her time between hunting for objects (furniture) to use in her work, while at the same time nurturing these finds into creative new interpretations of the original piece. For example, Suzy recently found a very handsome Tiger oak Empire sideboard or buffet which was popular during the Victorian era and sought after for many generations by buyers who like antique furniture.

Updated Versions Of The Old Look 

Today however, younger couples and shoppers are after updated versions of the old look. Suzy has successfully found a niche for buyers who like the quality and styles of vintage furnishings but want a fresher more colorful and contemporary adaption of chairs, table, cabinets etc.

Farmington Valley Arts Center Attracts Visitors Looking For Unique Works Of Art

Suzy located her "Paint Obsession" painted furniture business to The Farmington Valley Arts Center in late Spring to be surrounded by fine artists and artisans who attract visitors to the Center who are looking for unique and creative works of art.

Suzy's Furniture Is Her Blank Canvas 

For Suzy, her painted furniture is like a blank canvas which she approaches passionately with a both a sense of wonderment and novelty. Like someone working on a painting, Suzy must look at each piece of furniture as a challenge, creating something special that brings to life her vision and style.

Suzy Logue's art studio "Paint Obsession" is on the first floor of  The Farmington Valley Arts Center, Studio 10 A.  You can reach Suzy at 860-977-3545
 To learn more about The Farmington Valley Arts Center visit

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