Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When Antique Dealers Buy From Each Other In A Group Shop

Antique Booth Buying Among Dealers In The Same Antique Mall 

How many of you are guilty of shopping in a friend's antique booth in the same store that you lease a booth   in and then after your purchase, turning around and adding what you just bought to your very own booth? Each Antique Mall I have leased space from has different rules on this topic. The more lenient store owners encourage lots of buying and selling and set no rules about buying from other dealers. Yet in other places I have leased space, inter-booth buying and selling was discouraged. I like the idea
of being able to buy from other booths in my group shop and building my favorite inventory. What do my readers think?

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  1. The groups I am in have no such rules. Why have any rule that discourages a sale?? I sell a lot of stuff to other dealers, and sometimes I see the things later in other booths in the same shop. My business model is based on turning things over quickly. If somebody else feels they can get more money if they hang onto it a little longer, why not? Whatever works!

  2. Agree! I have a friend who likes to move things quickly too, rather than waiting for the one person who can't resist your item. I checked with her and she always says it makes no difference to her if I buy it or someone else buys it. She has no problem with me reselling it if I see potential in the item.

  3. The only restriction I have ever been aware of is when all sales are to go through check-out, ensuring mall getting their commission). Malls do differ in their policy on this issue. But if they hold to the must go through check-out rule and you are 'caught' making a deal with another dealer, then it can become a 'deal-breaker' with the dealers and the mall.

  4. Hi Dianne! I love all the information and ideas on your blog. I could be on here awhile!

    I wanted to see if you had an idea or two for me. I am a decorative artist and I am about to retire from it full time. I have always painted furniture for clients and for the past year or so I started to paint items that I want to sell. I have been looking for the right type of space - either Long Island, Westchester or NYC. Long Isand would be easiest because I live here!

  5. Hi again - I had trouble editing/adding on my comment so I am continuing here. Would you have sone store ideas for me? Something like The Old Lucketts Store in Virginia would be ideal. Thanks