Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sharing My Birthday With Frick And Frack (Obama and Romney)

Kitsch n Bitch:    
What The Kitschy Collector Says About Change in America

I am dying to write a post about the upcoming election, even if the topic doesn't exactly fit in with  antiques and collectibles.  I suppose I could play it safe and stick to a discussion about political collectibles. Certainly that subject would appease my readers who want me to stay on task. Nah, Im about to celebrate my 60th birthday and I am feeling a little itchy to speak up, especially since this election day is actually the day of my birthday.

Frick and Frack 

Can you picture this.....I have to share my birthday with Frick and Frack  (Obama and Romney). I'm sitting here imagining myself inviting some of my friends over for a light celebration on that day or eve. The T.V. set will undoubtedly need to be on as the curious among us will want to know which performer will be awarded the role of POTUS.

Where Should I Set Up Refreshments On Election Night?

In case you are wondering how closely I follow politics, let me assure you, the New York Times Op Ed  editor hasn't called yet. My preoccupation  is not how to approach the budget but more of a dilemma of where to set up  the refreshments on Election night if I  have a few friends over. Almost all my friends would be rooting for Obama, so I suppose the noshes could be placed in the largest gathering room, my "media room". Please note, the "media room" was once the "play room" or the roadway for Little Tike vehicles which raced across the hard wood floor.

Sequestering Romney Fans

I do however have a couple of close pals who will  probably need to be sequestered in another room because they were never fans of Obama and will be yelling Romney, Romney at the television screen. Also if I serve wine, I will need to have them supervised. Hey, they are like family......we love them for who they are, not who they vote for. Wait a minute doesn't their  choice in candidates tell us about their values? O.K.they are not perfect.

What The Kitschy Collector Says About Change in America

Im not convinced that either candidate will arrive in Washington and be able to effect much serious change. But if the kitschy collector was asked what needs to be changed in America here would be my list. Feel free to take some time to offer  your additions to this list or comment  about what is important to you.

What Needs To Be On The Presidents Agenda

1. Stop sending precious sons and daughters to war.
2. Feed every child (and adult) who is hungry in America.
3. Make sure that every person that is sleeping on the street this evening has a home.
4. Give doctors and health care providers the total say in patient care. No more insurance companies telling docs what they can and can not do. Return to apple pies as payment for services.
5. Be sure that everyone who is sick is cared for properly with or without money.
6. Take care of our frail elderly with dignity and  respect.
7. Abolish our ridiculous education system. Teach children how to cook, sew, build houses. Start by getting rid of algebra.
8. Provide as much funds as possible to wipe out cancer and other diseases.
9. Teach comparative religions in school from the beginning so children learn tolerance.
10. Get rid of the box on applications that asks for skin color or race. Let's treat everyone the same.
11. Treat all Americans equally, who cares if you are gay?  Equal rights and protection for all. You want to get married......go ahead. You want to raise a family, go ahead. It's about love and commitment. Stop judging people. Have you looked in your own closet?
12. Get rid of Walmart and other big box stores and return to mom and pop shops.
13. Bring back the neighborhood general store and a good homemade danish.
14.  Encourage families to  gather together around their iPad and look up at each other every now and then.

 P.S. If you have older children who can vote, do they have absentee ballots if they are away at school or out of the area? Encourage your kids to get involved.

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  1. What ever happened to our country's motto, "IN GOD WE TRUST"? That motto should be the foundation for everything we do in this country. Our country was founded on these words!

  2. I think we should go back to the values of the greatest generation.
    1. "If you give a man a fish he eats for a day. If you teach him to fish he eats for a lifetime." A good work ethic, that's how Mom & Pop stores came into being. Nobody gave them their store - they worked hard to save the money and ran the shops themselves.
    2. While treating all American's equally, all Americans must not ask to be treated "special" when it suits their needs.
    3. No more race identifications. I'm an Italian American but I don't wear it on my sleeve, get a special check box and my daughter didn't get special consideration while applying for college. If your grades are the get in. Period.
    3. If you earn your money it's yours. It doesn't belong to the government or your neighbor. I'm convinced that people would be far more generous with their charitable contributions if Uncle Sam wasn't holding a gun to their heads saying "Gimme" all the time.
    4. Let the medical profession be run by doctors and nurses. Not insurance companies and not the government. Neither one of them has a clue about what is best for a patient.
    5. And, definitely, "In God We Trust."

  3. I normally avoid political discussions because they depress me (I do vote in every election). But I do like your list Dianne! Especially #7 and #12!