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The Farmington Valley Arts Center Features The Reggio Magnet School Of The Arts Student Art Show April 5-14th, 2012, Fisher Gallery

Fisher Gallery Features Reggio Magnet School of Avon, CT

I strolled into the Fisher Gallery of The Farmington Valley Arts Center, Avon, CT and was wowed with excitement as faculty from The Reggio Magnet School of Avon were hanging their Student Art Show which opens Thursday. April 5th, 2012 from 5-6:30 pm. The show will be running from April 6-14.

About The  Reggio Magnet School, Avon, CT

This was my first time being introduced to The Reggio Magnet School of Avon, CT.  The Reggio school  embraces  an educational approach exported from the villages of Reggio Emilia Italy in the 1940s that has gained popularity all over the world, serving as a model for innovative learning systems.  The Reggio approach which shares some of the beliefs in how children learn  from noted schools such as Waldorf and Montessori is different in it's interpretation and execution of  "core values".

The Importance Of The Child's Environment

The child's "environment" is a key ingredient in the learning process. A core principle is that the child as was the case back in Italy, should be surrounded by natural and beautiful things. Classrooms include  a studio  or "ateler" filled with found objects, art materials, pain, writing instruments, clay, stones etc.

According to the Reggio Magnet School website:

At Reggio Magnet School children from Pre K to Grade 5 learn through their experiences including touching, moving, listening, seeing, hearing, and working with other children. The school itself plays a role in learning providing an environment that transforms, educates an d inspires the viewer".

Reggio Magnet School Student Art Show

The upcoming Student Art Show is a testament to the creative expression fostered at The Reggio School. The show is vibrant, multi-faceted, colorful, attractively presented. Your eyes wander from wall to wall, ceiling to floor,  corner to corner. You will be dazzled, excited, delighted and inspired by   works on paper, sculpture, assemblages and  lots more created by these young hands. I strongly urge my readers to visit this wonderful show.

Student Art Show

This exhibit features student works from The Reggio Magnet School of Avon, Ct

Gallery Hours: 
Wednesday-Saturday, Noon -4:00 pm or
by appointment 860-676-1867     
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