Monday, March 19, 2012

Floppy Brim Vintage Hats Are Back In Style

Even Hip Gals Are Wearing Floppy Brim Hats

Floppy brim vintage hats are hot again! In fact, if you visit your favorite department store you will see that beachwear is now including a return to the wide brimmed hat. Oh my.....we can look foolish again and it's in style. The great thing about the floppy brim is that it really does cover your face from the sunlight. From what I can tell, the large brimmed hat is no longer just for grandma types.....the hipsters are wearing them.The times they are changing!  Hat spotted at

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  1. Ya knwo just a few years ago my Girlfriend and I were wondering "What the heck happned to all those fabulous big hats (both formal and not) that you always see in old movies?! Patricia (my girlfriend) just ordered a vintage "sailor suit" swim suit so im sure we'll have to get a hat to match! Haha.

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