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Junking Old Clothes: Don't Rush To Purge Your Clothes Closet

The Myth Of Organizing Your Clothes Closet

I just came across yet another magazine article  about how to organize your clothes closet.This gal suggested never folding your clothes because folded clothes get hidden and are not worn. I could  relate to that advice. But what about the all too common advice to give away old clothes that you haven't worn in a year? Do you buy into that one?

What If I Had Kept My Peter Max Scarves ?

I once thought that purging older clothes was a sane idea, but how old is old? And when is "old" "good old" versus "bad old". Think about this... what if I had kept all my Peter Max scarves or my groovy handbags from the 60s? These gems would be fabulous to have kept. So clearly, some "old" is cool and some "old" is OLD and gross  no matter when it was in vogue.

Skipping Seasons Before Unloading Old Clothes 

And what about the boredom factor? Don't you get  tired of wearing a particular vest or sweater over and over again ? Isn't it nice to take a break from a particular  garment, skipping a season or two before re-falling in love with the very same outfit or item you got tired of? Certainly it may not be wise to cart off clothes to Goodwill too soon. Let a few seasons go by and  re-evaluate your love affair with these clothes.

The Yo-Yo Effect And Clothes

Oh, and I need to mention weight and clothes. Weight goes up and weight goes down....and that is yet another reason to think twice about having a tag sale and unloading your clothes. I am finding myself coming up with all sorts of reasons why it is not wise to give away clothes too soon.

Out of Sight Out of Mind 

My solution is too pack my clothes in plastic boxes and hide them in an extra closet. Every decade or so, I find them again and think......yikes these clothes are so out of style, I should have given them away years ago.

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