Saturday, June 11, 2011

Visitng Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop A Flatiron, New York Luncheonette Since 1929

Eating At Nostalgic Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop On Fifth Avenue in Manhattan

Oy vey, I was having a ball shopping in the popular New York Antique Garage Flea Market at West 25th Street when my family and friends hijacked me to have brunch at "Eisneberg's Sandwich Shop" in New York's Flatiron District . Upon arrival to this old style luncheonette which has been cranking out deli sandwiches and Egg creams since 1929, I wondered why in the world after driving two and half hours from Connecticut would I want to "dine" at this "geasy spoon".

Celebrities Dine At Eisnebergs

My son assured me that "Eisnebergs" is famous and that I needed to give it a try. Well I reluctantly filed into the back of the restaurant with the rest of my posse and looked over the joint very carefully. Having grown up in my dad's luncheonette in Manhattan, I am no stranger to diner style food.

I Had Margarine on My Toast If You Bump Into My Doc

I decided to play it safe and order breakfast. I ordered two scrambled eggs (done well), Home Fries, dry rye toast with butter on the side (or margarine if you run into my doc). And to really feel like I was getting the Eisenberg experience I added an Egg Cream to my order. My friends who were joining my family for this "old world Jewish lunchonette dining experience" never heard of an Egg Cream so I needed to fill them in on the treat and give them a taste.

The Egg Cream won me over....the eggs were eggs......the home fries were superb.....the service was pleasant and a not too bad of a wait (although the meals came out in spurts). The other diners at my table had an enjoyable experience. The place is old and tired looking...but the experience of eating at an old fashioned Jewishy luncheonette was fun and nostalgic.

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