Thursday, May 6, 2010

Decorating Your Pink Retro Beachy Swan Themed Bathroom

What Would You Put in a Retro Beachy Bathroom?

Think and black...and swans.... oh mother in law has a pink and black bathroom. While some people are "upgrading" their "dated' bathrooms, plenty of cool chicks and others are returning to a retro beachy look. I say beachy because I LOVE BEACHY! My idea is to use the pink and black as a guide and to add the whimsical retro vintage accessories and collectibles.

1950's Pin and Black Bathrooms

What could be more fun than pink tiled walls, black counters and floors and darling black hand towels. So deliciously fifties. And how about swan themed wallpaper? (Try Hannah's Treasures Vintage Wallpaper ). By the way, Marilyn who owns Hannah's treasures has hundredths of patterns of older wallpapers. I showcase many of her papers in my book, Hot Cottage Collectibles For vintage Style Homes.

Using Vintage Swan Planters In A Variety of Ways

And don't forget the ceramic pottery planters of sea shells, pelicans and of course swans. The wonderful thing about swan planters is that you can use them for so many different things besides plants. They make charming jewelry and trinket holders or practical places to keep your soap. Also try rolling up smaller towels and placing them in a swan planter. Look how nice the swans looks all together. Wouldn't it be sweet to create a collection of swans on a cute shelf in your retro beachy bathroom?

Metal Vintage Bathroom Acesssories

You could really have a great time, creating your pink and black bathroom. There are also plenty of vintage metal accessories available such as tissue holders, waste paper bins, hampers, shelving etc.

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and Coffee Trade Antiques

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  1. Step back in time! Pretty cool!!!!

  2. Funny that you should post about swans and bathrooms. Our circa 1940 bathroom has pink tile on the floors, walls,and inside the stall shower, and blue fixtures. Our blue sink and mirrored medicine cabinet are very similar to the ones shown in your vintage Sears advertisement. The original glass shower door has an etched design of swans. I have indeed decorated the whole bathroom with a collection of vintage swans - pottery, ceramic, linens, etc! So mine is pink and blue instead of black - but still!

  3. Very cool, In the early 80's I had a Disney Pink bath room, with Burgundy accessories, it was gorgeous and I loved it, I love this too, giggles I walk on the wild side, love bright colors every where.
    Hugs Barbara

  4. What a coincidence.....I just sold a wonderful circa 1930's pink porcelain pedestal sink in my antique mall booth. I purchased it from one of my neighbors, who was gutting his home's original bathroom and updating it. He put the sink in a garage sale. The people that bought the sink from me are remodeling their bathroom, wanting it to have a vintage feel. Isn't it funny how things sort of came full circle?

  5. oh my gosh, my MIL still has this very bathroom in her house!

  6. I really enjoy all that you have included in your blog. It will take me weeks to read through it all, but I will be back.Seeing this pink bathroom makes me wish I didn't get rid of the lilac toilet and tub that was in my home when we bought it. I am new to blogworld. Only two weeks old. Please have a little look. I am a work in progress
    Nice to meet you :) Dina