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Pyrex Refrigerator Storage Dishes Are Back in The Kitchen

Saying Good Bye to Plastic Storage Containers

I took a giant leap forward a few days ago, I emptied my pantry of all the inexpensive plastic storage containers that have been "growing" in there for years. When these lightweight adorable containers first came out, I was hooked, adding more and more sizes and shapes to my collection and stacking my piles higher and higher.

Mixed up Tops and Bottoms

While I was building my collection of plastic containers , the companies that produced these handy products, began experimenting with new designs and plastics and my closet was now cluttered with an assortment of tops and bottoms, many orphaned years ago.

There I was trying to put away a batch of soup with plastic containers up the kazoo spread out over the top of my counter. It was like a challenging puzzle game gone sour. So after taking way too much time fiddling around with trying to find the right match of tops and bottoms, I vowed to empty the entire closet into a super sized plastic bin and say good bye to the entire lot.

Welcome Vintage Pyrex

So what do home owners do when they say goodbye to plastic? They buy vintage Pyrex glass refrigerator dishes. yes, the kind of storage dishes that Baby Boomers and their parents remember very well. The Corning Glass Works Company introduced Pyrex ovenware in 1915.. licensing several glass companies to produce its products and these products are having a comeback.

Refrigerator Dishes Come in Every Color
In 1951, Corning Glass Works advertised "oven and refrigerator sets for $2.95 that had "4 gay-colored" dishes, with clear covers that could be used for baking, serving, and storage.
You will find refrigerator dishes in pastel colors, primary colors, harvest colors, patterned and black and white. Looking at the color of the dish gives you a clue to the age of the dish.
As with other kitchen accessories, products were manufactured to match the palettes of a given era.

Tips About Buying Older Refrigerator Dishes
When buying vintage Pyrex, take the lids off very carefrully and run your finger around the interior edges of the base as well as the lids., checking for rough edges indicating chips in the glass.

Pyrex Refigerator Dishes are Having A Comeback
Today, Pyrex refrigerator dishes (newly manufactured) are being re-introduced and are popular items in the houseware section of major department stores and kitchen shops. Ecologically savvy buyers are re-discovering glass refrigerator dishes for their "Green" kitchens and homes.

Whether you like vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes, or new editions of this popular kitchen storage houseware, glass is here to stay!

Thanks to Bob at The Flea Market at the Crossing, Plainville, CT for sharing some of his Pyrex with me to photograph. Bob has one of the largest collections of Pyrex dishes for sale you will find anywhere.

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  1. Dianne, I was thrilled with this entry, because I've been on the hunt for these vintage pieces like crazy lately, hoping to grab them up before the prices catch up to the craze. I was lucky enough to get some great pieces from my mother's collection when she passed away. GREAT post!