Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visiting The Foothills Delery: A Retro Bakery & Deli

Today was my fifth visit to The Foothills Delery ( Pine Meadow, CT.) a destination that is becoming " a sweet dilemma" for more and you will see why.
First I'll tell you how I found this off the beaten path place. Often I ride up to New Hartford, CT (via Route 44) to visit The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT, the Antique Mall where I have my shop, "Kitsch n Stuff". (Pine Meadow is a historic district which is part of New Hartford).

When in New Hartford , I will usually eat right inside the Antique Mall at our in house restaurant called the "Crusin Cafe" or stop down the street at my friend's place , "Blue Sky Foods", a Key West style roadside eatery.

A few weeks while making my regular trip to New Hartford, I decided I was in the mood for my favorite barbecue chicken sandwich at Blue Sky Foods. I pulled into their parking lot and realized it was Tuesday and Mike and Deb are closed on Tuesdays.

Mike happened to be dropping off some party equipment and saw me pulling into the back of his place. He reminded me it was Tuesday and that he couldn't "feed me". He encouraged me to go down the road to "The Foothills Delery" a combination of the words "deli" and "bakery" where I would find "the kid" that used to work for him, now the proud owner of "The Foothill's Delery" a long established country style deli popular with fly fishers and locals.

Nah...I said....I'm not interested in deli food. But I was hungry and curious so I back tracked down the road and was greeted by Amy, co-owner and baker extraordinaire. (I would soon discover).

The "deli" not only had an expanded menu with lots of interesting salads and specials but also the addition of a gorgeous bakery with many desserts baby boomers will associate with the good ole days.

Now this is where my problems began. How would I visit "the delery" and just stick with the "del" and not the "ery" (as in b-a-k-e-r-y). Having just sworn off sweets (for the billionth time), how could I even look at the bakery section. no less try any samples..

But the desserts were calling out to me. And their voices were getting louder. There is no other way to say this but these goodies were so gorgeous and so fairly priced...they were irresistible. So I rationalized to myself that this could be a case where the stuff looked great but had no taste, so let me try one or two and I would settle the battle going on in my head. Nope......... the bakery items were amazing. Each time I visited i kept testing the sweets and each one was better than the next. Since Amy offers so many choices and varies the menu daily....I have plenty of test tasting to do.

I am afraid to report that the bakery is outrageously delicious! I'm going back tomorrow.

Bakery ItemsAssorted Muffins, Assorted Cookies, Black & Whites ~ Black Forrest Cupcakes ~ Boston Creme Cupcakes ~ Brownies (fudge, mint, peanut butter) ~ Butter Croissants ~ Carrot Cupcakes ~ Chocolate Chip Bombe ~ Chocolate Eclairs ~ Creme Puffs ~ Cupcake with flowers ~ Delery Snickers Bars ~ Espresso Bars ~ Espresso Bars ~ Filled Croissants (almond, cream cheese, chocolate, blueberry cream cheese or strawberry cream cheese) ~ Holiday Cupcakes ~ Killer Chocolate Cupcakes ~ Lemon Bars ~ Loaf Cakes ~ Magic Bars ~ Snowballs ~ Turnovers (blueberry, cherry or apple) ~ Whoopie Pies (vanilla, peanut butter or chocolate chip) ~ And MORE!

Mini bakery items are available upon request. Please ask for specific pricing.

Specialty Torts
Triple Chocolate Threat ~ Three layers of black forest cake with fudge & chocolate mousse filling & a fudge topping

Carrot Nut
~ Three layers of carrot walnut ckae with sweet cream cheese filling & icing

Lemon Raspberry ~ Three layers of lemon cake with raspberry filling & a vanilla butter cream icing

Skinny Mint
~ One layer of brownie chocolate cake & mint filling covered in chocolate icing

Cheese Cake
~ Thick & rich chesse cake with your chioice of fruit toppings

Fudge Banana Nut
~ Three layers of banana nut cake & chocolate fudge filling all with walnut butter cream
icing & fudge swils

Pumpkin Praline
~ Three layers of pumpkin spice cake filled & frosted with carmel pecan butter cream

All Occasions Bakery PlatterBreakfast Mini's Pastry
~ Muffins, Butter Croissants, Filled Croissants & Turnovers

Dessert Bars
~ Magic, Espresso, Assorted Brownies, Snickers & Lemon
(12" platters are $21.99 and feeds 15 to 25 people)
(16" platters are $42.99 and feeds 30 to 50 people)

Mini Pastry
~ Cream Puffs, Eclairs & Whoopie Pies
(mini patrues are $0.85 each)

The Foothills Delery

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