Thursday, March 5, 2009

Creating Vignettes of “Three” When Displaying Your Antiques and Collectibles

When creating displays in your antique shop or even at home, consider the principle of using "threes" when arranging your treasures. Start this process by imagining that you are looking into the lens of a camera or the window of a picture frame and that you are trying arrange the objects so they fit the "frame" in the best possible way. One way to succeed in getting a nice grouping is to position your pieces so that they form an imaginary triangle or pyramid.

In other words, you are drawing a triangle in your mind and placing the tallest object to form the apex(highest point of you imaginary triangle) and the two smaller objects are placed at the base of your “triangle” in each corner. It’s best to think about varying the shapes of your three objects. You want variety of your shapes.

In the photo above, you see three distinct shapes, a tall cylindrical shaped lamp, a circular shaped plate and an irregular shaped rabbit. When objects are al the same height, or all the same shape, the presentation may be too static. The eye needs to travel around and view objects that are interesting. At the same time, it is important to establish harmony in your displays and when you use the “triangle” principle of design you help to create a balanced and appealing vignette. Photo Courtesy of Antiques on the Farmington, Collinsville, CT

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