Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Does Tea Have to Do With Selling Antiques and Collectibles?

One afternoon I was sending out announcements about my second book,Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes to the obvious market, "cottage collectibles dealers". (I did a Google search). Then I thought to myself, what are cottage collectibles....they can be anything from Shabby style furniture to pretty plates to tea cups. Bong....a bell went off...tea cups.....why not send my book announcements to businesses and services related to "tea"..

I picked up a copy of "Tea Magazine" and began to poke through the articles and advertisers.
There were so many brand new "markets" to tap into.....i.e. tea specialty stores to tea rooms to tea magazines and B and B networks etc.

"Tea folks" like vintage and/or Victorian items such as tea cups, silver, pretty plates, serving pieces, cake plates....etc.

The point I am making is think about what you can you develop new "markets".

So what does tea have to do with antiques and collectibles...plenty. After my first email mailing...a tea related magazine contacted me about doing an article on cottage collectibles and others visited my website or bought my book.

Helpful Hint
Add some novelty to your world view. Vist new shops, read different types of magazines, walk up and down the aisles of the library, visit different types of antque shows(that are not your usual interest) i.e. toy shows, doll shows, Modern. Get open to new ideas. If you prepare yourself to find the will bump into a new idea.

Share your ideas ...and don't worry about giving away your secrets........when you help others you help yourself!

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  1. This article caught my eye because I own a tea shop where I sell vintage home goods. I sell tea, and offer my guests a free cup of fresh brewed tea and scone. They can sit at a table or roam the shop with it. Most of them comment that the shop reminds them of their grandmothers home and love the calm surroundings. Your website will be included in my monthly newsletter, so they can learn more about vintage. Shabby chic is not one of my favorite terms. Somehow it conotates the image of junk recycled. Please feel free to visit my webpage, or my facebook page KrisTea's.
    Thanks Dianne for teaching us all about antiques and collectibles!
    Kris Sanders
    Berkley, Michigan